1st case of Dual nationality thru Naturalisation (by Brit)

Leave the country and add another year!! Thats bonkers, any thoughts I had have gone out the window. Congragulations on your dual citizenship though. Used to be in the UK, you should be normally resident for a period of three years, normally residient being in the UK for something like 270 days a year. So you could come and go, just so long as for the majority of the time you were there.

I noticed that a new requirement is now in force in the UK after 2005 where someone seeking citizenship must take the “life in the uk” test, which I went to have a look at and in the area to see if you are ready by asking some “need to know” questions has the like of " What are quangos and non-departmental public bodies? ". lifeintheuktest.gov.uk/htmlsite/self_80.html

The site also has a very informative 11 page guide on how to use the mouse on a computer which even has pictures for the lefty, should the process be all together to confusing.