1st Extreme Triathlon in Taiwan, includes cycling up to Wuling

Sounds intense. My triathlon days might be over, but I still might consider doing the swimming portion of this crazy race.

Intense indeed!

On an unrelated note: we have a saying in North Dakota that goes “Why walk if you can drive a truck?” Just saying…


The more I think about this, the crazier it sounds. It’s set to take place at the end of February next year. Does cycling up to Wuling at that time make any sense? I really don’t know, but it seems like it could be dangerous. Maybe that’s the only time that the organizers could get that road cleared for a few hours for the race.

Found the website.

The first extreme triathlon in Taiwan will be one of the most challenging and memorable experiences of your life: swimming in the frigid ocean of eastern Taiwan; riding 3000km to the apex of Taiwan mountain; and running over 3200m to the top of Mount Wuling toward the finishing line.


So it seems that the run will all be in the mountains with an additional elevation of 200m after cycling. Hmmmm. I think I would still enjoy the swim, though!