1st Fitness Centre - 體育客 is Cheap NT$1 per minute

Heard about this one supposed to be really good and only NT$1 per minute. For example one hour is NT$60. No contract. The pics look great.

I’ve found two locations Heping East and Xinzhuang.

1st Fitness Centre - 體育客
110, Taipei City, Xinyi District, Section 3, Heping East Road, 333號
02 8732 6645

If anyone else in the Taoyuan area is interested in a NT$1 per minute gym, I go to Hypercore Fitness (超核心健身中心), located onYi Wen 1st St No. 26 (藝文一街26號) near the Art Center: https://goo.gl/maps/Ss6t9MT7GC82

I think now 1st Fitness is ~$1.5 per minute

I go on and off. It fits me well because travel out of Taipei and Taiwan a lot. It’s basically pay as you go so I’m not wasting a monthly payment if I’m not using it

It’s not my only gym but it’s one I just like and no membership required.

The only downside is the location as nothing else much to do in the area.

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Wouldn’t those local sports centers be cheaper? It’s like $50nt an hour. So even if you paid for 2 hours and only stayed 90 minutes it would still be cheaper than 90 minutes at $1.5nt per minute ($135nt).

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Yeah local sports centers are cheaper or in the ballpark price-wise.

But different vibe.

Like you can shower and get dressed with the window open in the middle of summer, things like that.

Are you the guy in the window across from me hiding behind a piece of cardboard?

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