2/18 Back to the Grind

Ahh yeah, back to work tomorrow, back to the grind, ahh yeah, ya know how we do, get your work on, hells to the yeah punch that clock my lil brotha from a nutha mutha, word botty in da heezy jeezy we all work no play up in this bitch ya dun know, workin it tomorrow on the for real tho, really do we working this thing, furrreals yalls, this is work, working it and doin it right, Kool Mo Deein like doctor train teh brain you got ta like the way I hit that work spot all up in that piece like I am fresh off 9 days rest. Gotz my rest on nowzit bout to get all worky in this P. Real Talk Homiez!

Looks like I’m not the only one wrapping up the long holiday with some drinks :laughing:

I start back on the 25th.

Engrish teechur :smiley:

I started back last Tuesday.

It is going to take an Act of God to get me to leave my bed tomorrow and go to work. I’ve been sleeping 12 hours straight on average.

Back to work on the 22nd - still have time to sleep in and be lazy…