2 Acres Plowed at 70% drunk in Taoyuan City April 12

Howdy All,

Yep, the translated name comes to 70% drunk and we’re playing a show there Saturday April 12. As usual, no cover, we just want people to have a good ole time and enjoy some great music.

For directions go ahead and contact me or check our website (see below in the sig).

Look for us in Taichung end of April, early May!!!

I will be there.
I have a sports day to MC that day. And as such, after that,
I’ll be quite well into hearing some live music.
What’s the address?

I’ll have to let the Fish Man tell you the directions. I’m not quite sure yet… lol… Well have the flier up on the site by next Monday so all can find it.

He’ll post them soon

Howdy “Gingerman” here are the directions:

70% Drunk is a direct translation of the name of a aboriginal rest/pub which has pretty good food and a favorite among many foreigners and locals alike. Actually, a while back some diehard-long timers Forumosa dudes held one of their regular get-together meetings there once!

It’s located in Taoyuan on Dashi Road and just before Chung Jen Road, right across from a big undeveloped open field (where Taoyaun gov. holds some of their big events–like lantern festival, etc). It’s a few doors down from a known Thai restaurant (2nd floor) called Arches, which is across the street from a large pet store and kitty corner to a new high grade Hotel!

Hope to see you there! And should have a flyer with the exact address posted soon!


See flier for map and such… Hope to see ya’ll there.

Thanks, lads. Fer dire ections, n’all!
And, I must say, I do love that flyer!
I’ll see ya there.

Are you guys wielding the whip to make shure the rest of the Taoyuan whuppets put in an appearance for the local lads?

Thanks for coming out everyone that did. We did have a huge Taiwan crowd but the foreigners that were there were Awesome.

Sorry the 2nd and 3rd set had to be acoustic but I think it made things a lot more enjoyable for all.

We’ll be back there next month so keep your eyes open!!!..

Again, thanks everyone…

i’ll look forward to getting there at an earlier hour, next time.

I must say the management was most kind in allowing a rather large consumption of draft.

And thanks to certain chaps for letting me talk, and putting their guitar out of tune. WHich i always do.
It’s that pesky high G!

It was good to see some old faces.
I’ll see you there next episode.
:thumbsup: :note:

Man…hot night, draft beer, good music and good folks…Lord Have Mercy I miss it!

good show lads. when the locals are dancing and singing along, you’re doing something right!