2 Acres Plowed + David Chen & The Muddy Basin Ramblers Aug 2

Howdy folks!

We would graciously like to invite you all to come down to our August 2nd–Saturday night show–at the COSMOPOLITAN GRILL.

2 Arces Plowed (accompanied with some special musical guests) and David Chen & the Muddy Basin Ramblers are coming together to deliver to you a night of some good old knee slappin, foot tappin, fingerpickin guitar lickin, washboard swishin, jug & horn blowin, kazoo sowin counrty, country-blues & blue grass music. Gonna be fun–night you can’t miss!

Jack Daniel"s Happy Hour starts at 8 PM and Music starts at 9 PM.

Love to See Ya there!

At the Cosmopolitan Grill
218 Changchun Road, Taipei

Woo! A gig with the cowboys! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.

Woo! A gig with the cowboys! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.

someone please fix the event date, mods.

can they all fit on the stage? the ramblers, not the ploughmen.

Oppps! :unamused:

Not sure what happened with the “event date”! Fixed now!


Likewise, Yeeeeehaaaa! A gig with the Mississippi/Memphis Ragtime Showmen! We’ve been waiting for this for a long time as well!

Shall be an honor!

Sounds like a fine event.
Alas, i’m agape in the land of the canuckleheads.
i’ll have a few big rock mcnally’s extra ale in honor…

I may have to come along for this. As long as there are no smelly people in attendance.

[quote=“TheGingerMan”]Sounds like a fine event.
Alas, I’m agape in the land of the canuckleheads.
I’ll have a few big rock mcnally’s extra ale in honor…[/quote]

Ah! Sittin and lookin out into the Great Canuck Wilder with a Big Rock in hand! Ahhhhh! What one dreams of after years of being here!! :sleepy: Enjoy GingerMan, the most you can (and have one for me)! Best ales-beer ever to be brewed and out of Albertaland to boot! :beer: :wink:

And yep, you’re going to be missin one fine event!

Will the cowboys be sporting assless chaps?

Aren’t all chaps assless?

Here, anyway.

Gee, I wonder how you say assless chaps in Mandarin?

Ouch, took a left turn didn’t it. Can’t promise about the smell but can promise no assless chaps…

Come on down and catch a true one of a kind show in Taipei, let’s show the Cosmo what Foot Stompin is all about.

Assless chaps, Two Acres Plowed, now it might be my rotten state of mind, but I do see an association here.

Break legs!


S’ no problem. Stu will be tucked up in bed by 5:15

GREAT gig, you guys!
I love your music (all three groups).
Bluegrass, country, AND a jug band. All at one venue!
Looking forward to the next show.

The chaps weren’t assless at all.

Howdy folks!

First, would like to thank all those who came down to see the show–it was a doozy! :bravo:

Great fun, laughs, and exciting musical ensemble of country, bluegrass and mississippi jug tunes. It was certainly a pleasure playing with Ethan and Peter from the Pine Top Surgeons and David, Connor and the rest of the MBRs. We all enjoyed it so much that we hope to do it again sometime in the near future. And as a matter of fact, we are planning to join forces with Ethan and Peter (Pine Top Surgeons) for some future country-blue grass gigs! :discodance:

Also, we all like thank Chris (Cosmoplitan Grill Owner) & Rick Monday (ICRT & Cosmo… Owner) for graciously allowing us to play/strum our stuff at their fine establishment, and we all hope do it again there sometime soon! :beer:

Finally, for those who were expecting assless chaps, hope you didn’t feel disapointed–none of that to be had! We most certainly wish to attract the crowd (with our good looks and music) rather than scare them off with our big ugly butts (some of us)! :cluck:

Cheers to a good evening! :beer: