2 male kittens need a home! now with pics!

Hi, I have 2 lovely male kitten brothers that would really like to be adopted into the same home. They are so great together, it would be a shame to separate them. I have my own 2 sibling cats already so I can’t keep them. 2 cats are really not much more work than one and they are so fun to watch as they chase each other, play and lick each others’ faces! Even my 5 year old cats still sleep cuddled up together!

One is orange and white and the other is grey striped and white. They were born around the end of March and I found them with their 2 sisters, (who have been adopted together) when they were about a month old. They are very healthy and active and going in for their first round of shots this week.

Please send me a PM if you are interested in more information and pictures.
thank you so much!

They sound great! Post some pictures!

Oh, you are the mod! Help! How do I post pics??? I couldn’t figure it out and checked the FAQ which said I had to contact the mod. But, I didn’t have time and just wanted the post up ASAP.
I am a little new at this. Thanks so much!

See your inbox.

me and my gf is really interested in these kittens if they’re still available! <3

Great news!