2 weeks in Taiwan

Hey everybody,

From May 15 - May 30 I will travel through Taiwan with my boyfriend. We’ve planned to see the following:

Day 1 arriving at Taipei (early), Sightseeing

Days 2-3 Sightseeing (Taipei)

Days 4-6 Taroko National Park

Days 6-7 Sun Moon Lake

Days 7-8 Transfer to some city from which to arrive Penghu (any tipps? :slight_smile: )

Days 8-13 Penghu

Days 13-15 Taipei and around (Keelung, Wulai)

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What do you think about this route? Is everything realistically? (For example is it possible to get from Taroko Nationalpark to the Sun Moon Lake and from the lake to some ferry terminal to Penghu?) Have I forgotten anything important to visit? Please give me any advice you have about Taiwan :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!!

That’s a lot of time in Penghu. How come?

It would be easier to help you if you told us more about what you like and dislike.

The Taiwan travel is one part of a larger travel (all in all 2 months - well start in Japan (2 weeks) and after taiwan well spend 4 weeks more in China and Hong Kong). That’s why we thought it would be nice to take a little “rest” at some nice beach in Taiwan (and I`ve heared that Penghu should be really nice - if you have any better suggestions I would be very glad to know :slight_smile: ) What we’d like to see in Taiwan - I think we will be quite the “standard-tourists” :wink: - want to get a nice overview of the greatest places of the island. We like being in nature but not the whole time - so the travel should be a nice mixture between landscape and city (that’s why we planned to stay 5 nights in Taipei all in all)

If you rent a car you can drive over the mountains to Sun Moon Lake from Taroko. it is an awesome route even though I haven’t been able to do that yet. If you don’t rent a car then you have to go through Taipei in the north or Kaohsiung in the south.

There are flights and ferries from Kaohsiung and a couple other cities to Penghu. Penghu is great for cycling. I plan on going sometime for 4-5 days just cycling around and camping.

In May you might get frequent rain due to the plum rains (a light monsoon). Sometimes the rain last several days but usually it comes and goes. It’s pretty hard to avoid rain in Taiwan unless you stay in southern Taiwan from November to April. April and November are the best bets for all of Taiwan but that is not true this year.

From Taroko you can catch a bus to Lishan and a connection to Taichung from where there are ferries to Penghu. But you should spend some more time on the east coast first. Rent scooters and ride to Shitiping, then inland on the 64 and back to Hualien on the 193.

The bus from Lishan should also make a stop in Puli from where you can connect to Sun Moon Lake.

Thanks a lot for your replies! If we want to spend some days at a beautiful beachside - is it worth it to go to Penghu or should we rather stay somewhere on the main island? And would you recommend to rent a car or are there good transfer-options? Any experiences with driving in Taiwan?

Go to kenting. Penghu in April may still be cold and too windy FAIK

Penghu should be okay from mid April onwards and before the rains in May. It’s tourist season starts then and wind should have died off. Penghu is a beautiful and quiet spot with some stunning beaches, you need to rent scooters or a car to get around or else cycle but distances can be far cycling or on a scooter. I don’t think you need more than a few days there if you went. I will also be in Penghu in a couple of weeks so I hope the weather is good then. It is possible to fly to Penghu from almost all the airports in Taiwan but it can book up on weekends especially.

Kending and Hengchun area may be a lot easier and more lively for you to get around and there are some decent beaches there too. There is not a lot going on in Penghu but that is the charm of the place for me too.