20 December 2005: Germans buy release of hostage Susanne Ost

Well…10% is SOP for negotiators.

At least ones who live.

Well, I am very surprised now. If this is true, this is one of the greatest failures in hostage release operations ever done.

But it fits in the picture, her still wanting to go to Iraq, attempting to bring her daughter to another muslim country (she is not a kid anymore and has refused), her understanding comments about her “hosts” and her appearance as a state-of-the-art muslim of the “look you cannot see me under 10sqm black cloth” woman on TV.

EDIT: Spiegel.de wrote the German embassy found 3000 dollars in bills from the ransom while she took a shower. BKA confirmed the bill numbers.

Seems the German gov was not very eager to start an investigation against Osthoff.

EDIT2: stern.de/politik/ausland/:Fall-O … 53752.html GERMAN only

Stern has the version, Osthoff had 4000 Dollars from the ransome money in her bag in the embassy and stated, she got it as a compensationfrom the kidnappers for 3000 Dollars which had been stolen from her by the guys before. And the kidnappers would have given her 1000 USD for her suffering. All sounds very strange.

So the Arabs payed reparations to Osthoff.
Some former guests of Guantanamo Bay wait for that too.

[quote=“robi666”]So the Arabs payed reparations to Osthoff.

Well, this kindness is a bit hard to imagine for me. But the world is full of wonders when you believe in Allah.

And c’mon Guantanamo, some weird guys are even paying to be put in chains and humilated. They get it for free.

[cynical mode]: The world is full of wonders when you believe in Allah.

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Why do I always have to pay for that?