2004 U.S. Election artist activities in Taipei

Here are some upcoming events related to the U.S. 2004 election.

The Fuck Off Bush Rock de Island Party
Five British kindergarten teachers working in Taipei (three of whom are called Nigel) will be playing anti-war songs in Taipei County. According to band spokesman, “Rasta” Nigel, “Yeah, it’s like, fucken’, yeah know what I mean. World War Three for oil n’ all that stuff!!”
Details such as the venue, date and whether the band members will actually have any instruments have yet to be finalized. Rasta Nigel is still waiting for the British Art’s Council grant for his “Fuck Off de Public Facilities” Grafitti Art Project.

The It’s Cool to be a Young Christian Republican Disco Contact Taipei YMCA for details.
According to organizer Pastor Rambottom:
No drugs, no alcohol, but hey young people, we can still have a cool time. The band “Rocking for Jesus” will be rocking!! And then we will be talking about the Bible - but in a cool way. Everyone is invited. Don’t worry about what your friends will say (those dirty fornicating little sons of Satan’s spawn will be burning in the coalfires of hell sooner enough). Be there, or be square

De-Sexualized Breasts Out For World Peace Party Oct 25, 2 o’clock, Taipei Peace Park
After recent infighting, the femi-nazi and femi-commie factions of the Taipei Foreign Women’s Men-Are-Bastards Club have come together to organize this event. They will be making a symbolic offering of their breasts to the Earth Mother.

Artists for George W. Bush Afternoon Tea Oct. 11
Please book early as the organizers have only reserved a table for three.

I understand that you had good intentions…and I applaud those, one must sometimes take a risk…

[quote=“almas john”]Artists for George W. Bush Afternoon Tea Oct. 11
Please book early as the organizers have only reserved a table for three.[/quote]
I believe you misunderstood. The organizer has reserved a table for three, and is hoping at least one other person will show up.

Fortunately, Alleycat has promised to hold space for the Bush Victory Dinner on Nov. 3 – it won’t be as exciting as staying up until 7am to find out how Hawaii voted, since we’re 13 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, but at least we should have confirmation of the continental U.S.'s nationwide landslide for Bush by then.

Pastor Rambottom!?!

Wow, that’s gotta be the most appropriate name for a pastor I’ve ever seen.

The “Taipei Foriegn Women’s Men-are-bastards Club”…this statement may add fuel to their fire, but anyone in that club can suck a dick…a large dick…presumably belonging to a man who has both a Mother and Father.

Anyway, when the sad state of the drooling mass of idiocy that is called the American public allows for Bush to re-lose, but be put into office anyway, with a sickening show of complacency…I’ll grab the first Taiwanese girl I can find, run off to the courthouse, and leave America to rot on its own.

That’s not saying that Kerry winning would be much better. A change of name, maybe…a better command of English, perhaps…but still the same people working behind the scenes.