2006.03.06 public shelter let dogs eat each other in taiwan!

Hi All:
I am chia-wen that stray dogs recuser in Taiwan. I have a important thing want to tell you,this is happen in tachung.
I hope you and other animals rescue team in your country can help us that write letter give our government
I am very sadly that our public shelter let dog eat each other
And say they haven

That’s terrible, and I would love to say that I am surprised, but I’m not. That is happening in most dog kennels around the island. I found this website and others like it. The mention Taiwan has 2 million stray dogs :astonished: :help:

peta.org/alert/automation/Al … asp?id=562

It would be great if you gave this group the real deal. Those are some pretty tame looking pictures, if they only knew…



thanks for the post. You message in english is loud and clear!

Thanks Chia-Wen.

I sent the RSPCA the website with the photos. They are very interested.

Guys, please e-mail a complaint today! Tell the govt that you expect better, and that these inhumane conditions reflect very badly on Taiwan. This has to stop.


My goodness…It’s like trying to fit the ocean in a tea spoon… :s


Stray dog,

I don’t know how your campaign has been going, but I think it would a good idea to contact all international agencies that have announced Taiwan as the worst place in the world for dogs. The fact that someone has noticed internationally is a chance in a lifetime for your cause.

Have you ever tried to apply for international funding?

Dear Honour,

Thanks for your proffer,my friend will help me contact PETA in US.
I hope you and all of your friend can write a email give Taiwan Government,
Our Government always dont acceptation they have balk!
However rescuer say anything in TAIWAN,they dont sink in our voice.
So,I am very very hope all people see this email can help us write a email,let they know not only TAIWAN people care this thing, but also all people in oversea all care this thing happen in TAIWAN.
Please help the poor dogs in TAIWAN!
Thank you very much!!!

Dear Truant,
Thanks your commendatory,Please help us and forward this message to all of your friend.Thank you!

Dear Sean,
Nice see you again! Please tell all of Animals Taiwan team help us write email, if you can let more animal welfare organizations in oversea know this, I think our Government will make a point of doing this thing!
Thank you always help the poor dogs in TAIWAN!


Dear All,
Sorry! I think I make a mistake, I want to post my message,so I press bobepine

Who is the contact in the COA. To call the COA directly and complain is ineffective. I have had to deal with them a lot due to the type of work I do. They are the best deflectors I have met in a long time.

Please get a name, email, and supervior’s name.

I will also try to contact other international groups. PETA is a great NGO to bring over, but one is never enough. Also, be careful of NGO hype. I know they have posted it on their website, but are they dedicated to the issue in Taiwan? Have they said so publicly? if so, get them to send an action alert and contact the President’s office www.president.gov.tw

It gets a little tricky dealing with international groups. If you are not careful the situation can sometimes be made worse by their involvement.

When species are made to cannibalize their own kind, the result is sometimes horrible prion diseases like scrapie and mad cow. Mad cow disease was proven to be directly caused by feeding cows to cows.

Gawd, humans are such a blight on this otherwise marvelous planet!

Chia-Wen, good job for spreading the word. Arrgh! Those pictures were hard to look at.

That’s awful. If only people would sterilise their pets and prevent them from breeding, this island wouldn’t have this enormous stray population it currently has.

Sterilise your animals!

And of course there’s the matter of just dumping dogs on the street when they’re no longer cute puppies etc… Not much that can be done for that aside from a very large-scale education campaign, which I doubt that the government would be even vaguely interested in encouraging, let alone funding… :frowning:

Still, let’s try to get the message through to them that the international community finds this sort of thing unacceptable.

[quote=“dogchiawen”]Dear All,
Sorry! I think I make a mistake, I want to post my message,so I press bobepine

Hi All,

I just revised my first message below:

local government e-mail below: … sp(chinese
Taichung city English web
(you can see right “Mayor HU” item 4 is e-mail you can press it to write email)

I heard that this made the news. I heard that some people from Germany are coming to Taiwan because of this. Anyone heard anything?


It was a big news item on TV last night. About half of my kids (students) had seen it. I’m sure Apple Daily will be all over it today or tomorrow.

Any word on which groups/people are coming from Germany? When?

[quote=“Honour”]Any word on which groups/people are coming from Germany? When?[/quote]I was talking to my boss about it and all he said is that some people from Germany are upset with this and are coming to Taiwan. I searched the web for news and I didn’t find anything.


Update on Taichung shelter problem from today’s etaiwannews:

HOME > Politics
Politics Thursday, March 9, 2006

Hu vows to boost animal control, protection at Taichung shelters

2006-03-08 / STAFF REPORTER / By Chang Ling-yin

Media reports of hungry dogs eating the carcass of another dog at an animal shelter run by Taichung City Animal Health Inspection Office has given rise to public outrage and has angered city Mayor Jason Hu (胡?強).
Hu vowed yesterday that in addition to asking the shelter to feed dogs on time and stepping up patrols, the city government will severely punish those responsible for the incident.

Local Chinese-language media Monday reported that some Taichung City residents saw the dogs gnawing on the carcass of another dog at the shelter.

However, the director of the shelter denied that the incident took place there, saying that the dogs are fed every day, though local television reports showed pictures many yelping puppies caged in a small space with no food in their dishes.

But the caretaker at the shelter yesterday confirmed that the dogs did eat a carcass, adding that it was isolated incident.

According to the media reports, the caretaker confessed that because there are so many stray dogs at the shelter, they would inevitably eat each other if they were inadequately fed. The Environment Protection Department has been catching too many stray dogs recently, the caretaker complained.

The animal health inspection office explained that one dog was attacked and eaten by others because it had been hurt and was bleeding. Because of a large number of stray dogs in the shelter and the limited space, the injured animal could not be separated the other dogs, the office added.

The office further indicated that funds allocated to the shelter to feed the dogs and to put down animals when necessary are adequate, but noted that there were only three people on staff to take care of approximately 150 dogs.

The three caretakers have to feed 150 dogs and keep the shelter clean, which means that they are under a lot pressure, the office said.

Apart from requesting additional staff, the shelter is planning to ask the Council of Agriculture for NT$4.8 million to set up a second facility to house the animals.

However, Mayor Hu said that the incident did not occur because of insufficient food or a lack of space, but rather because of poor management.

Hu said that he has asked the shelter to address the problems at once, adding that the city government would provide funds if necessary to feed the stray dogs at the shelter.

After an inspection tour of the premises yesterday, Taichung City Councilor Chang Liao-wan described the shelter as a hell rather than a shelter for stray dogs.

OMG, those pictures are terrible. I think that if I were rich one day, I’d become the “Angelina Jolie” of dogs. Gosh, starved to the point of resorting to cannibalism. This whole situation makes me feel helpless.

I remember back in Junior Highschool, I began counting the numbers of stray dogs I saw in Taiwan during a 3 week visit. I lost count at over a thousand.

The same thing happened here two years back or so. The part about the bleeding dog made me cringe :sick: . The problem that this hell had was that the pregnant mothers would be attacked while giving birth and eaten from the outside in :sick: :sick: !

I am going to contact the local group I know and tell them that this would be a good time to release the footage.

Eeeks man…gross…