2006 Darwin Awards

Yes folks its that time of year again! Time to honor those individuals who have, by their actions, done so much for us all in cleaning out the gene pool!

I present…


Named in honor of Charles Darwin, the Darwin Awards salute the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who accidentally remove themselves from it, thus ensuring that the next generation is one idiot smarter. Of necessity, the Awards are generally bestowed posthumously.

For 2006, the Winners are:
1st Runner Up: HAMMER OF DOOM
2nd Runner Up: HIGH ON LIFE
2006 Honorable Mention (no one dies): SNAKE IN THE GRASS
2006 Honorable Mention (no one dies): FLYSWATTER

more “Honorable Mentions” at the site. (logo at top is a link)

I used to say that it was too bad stupidity wasn’t fatal. Then I discovered the Darwin Awards. :laughing:

I’ve been a darwin junky for almost 10 years.