2008 Anti-Human Trafficking Film Festival-Free Admission

[b]2008 Anti-Human Trafficking Film Festival

Free Admission[/color][/b]

When human beings become commodities with prices, sold across borders, a modern form of slavery occurs within us everyday. Taiwan has 24,000 ‘undocumented’ migrant workers and more than 10,000 migrants in the sex industry, on top of 370,000 documented migrant workers. Many of them are forced, coerced or bonded by debts to labor or sex transaction. Their exploitation has been veiled and tolerated in our ignorance and neglects.
This October, the Garden of Hope foundation invites you to witness stories of human trafficking victims, through vivid vision and narratives in five documentaries and expert discussions.

Contact: goh615@goh.org.tw

The Garden of Hope Foundation
In collaboration with
National Immigration Agency
Soroptimist International of the Americas
Taichung County Soroptimist Club
Taiwan Foundation for Democracy
Film Australia
Mandala Production

【1st Evening: Sex Trafficking】

Haunted by a decade-old case, a former police officer investigates how a young Thai girl was sold as a sex slave to a Sydney brothel.

Director: Luigi Acquisto
Born in Italy, his first production was the first of a wave of films in the late 1980s made by Italo-Australians exploring the experience of migration. Since 1997, he directed and produced several acclaimed films and documentaries. The two part epic East Timor – Birth of a Nation was nominated for an unprecedented five Australian Film Institute awards for a documentary.

【2nd Evening: Labor Trafficking】

China Blue
It takes viewers inside a blue jeans factory in southern China, where teenage workers struggle to survive harsh working conditions. Providing perspectives from both the top and bottom levels of the factory’s hierarchy, the film looks at complex issues of globalization from the human level.

Director: Micha X. Peled
Micha Peled has worked as an importer of hammocks and sheepskin jackets, a prison guard, a freelance journalist, a Nuclear Freeze staffer, political campaign manager and a jungle adventure guide. Micha believes globalization is the main theme of our times, and he is currently working on the third in a trilogy on this topic. The first, Store Wars: When Wal-Mart Comes to Town, was awarded the Golden Gate Award from the San Francisco International Film Festival. The second, China Blue, won the Amnesty Human rights award at IDFA.

Working for a Better Life
It is one of few pioneer documentaries that present a whole picture of Vietnamese migrant workers in Taiwan: how they start the journey, debt-bounded, in Vietnam; how they are treated and transacted like human commodity in Taiwan; how their destiny connects with ours.

Director: Olwen Bedford
Dr. Olwen Bedford was the Director of Strategic Planning for the Garden of Hope Foundation in Taiwan. Before joining the Garden of Hope, Dr. Bedford conducted research in the psychology department of National Taiwan University and participated in research projects with scholars at Academia Sinica and National Defense University.

【3rd Evening: Taking Actions】

Summer Moon
A film presents the huge potential of child trafficking victims to recover and go on to lead full lives. Hailing from the red-light areas of Mumbai, these women in the film have taken upon themselves the task of staging plays, comedies only, in various flesh- trade markets all over India and Nepal.

Director: Meeta Vasisht
Meeta Vasisht is an Indian actress/director/social activist. She has worked with 30 trafficked girls, from the red light areas of Mumbai, in a series of theatre workshops. These workshops resulted in the educational documentary, ‘Summer Moon’. In 2007, Meeta was invited to speak at the First United Nations Global initiative to fight human trafficking Conference about her work with trafficking victims.

Traffic: An MTV EXIT Special
A unique program presented by singer/actress, Karen Mok, tells harrowing stories of stakeholders in the trafficking chain, including a trafficker who has been forcing girls into prostitution for over 20 years and a young man who pays for sex. The film gives an insight into the realities of trafficking, addresses the part we all play in the issue, and gives information on how to protect ourselves as well as what we can do to help end exploitation and trafficking.

Director: Wayne Yates
Ten Quick Facts about Human Trafficking

  1. Human trafficking is defined as the recruitment and transportation of persons within or across boundaries by force, fraud, or deception for the purpose of exploit¬ing them economically.
  2. Today there are 27 million people enslaved, more than at the peak of the African Slave Trade.
  3. Slavery has been outlawed in every country, including Taiwan, but still occurs everywhere.
  4. Human trafficking is now considered the third largest and fastest growing illegal trafficking activity in the world, making it a 32 billion dollar a year business.
  5. The average price of a slave is 90 dollars.
  6. Eighty percent are women and fifty percent are children.
  7. Every minute two more children are forced into slavery.
  8. One million children are forced to work in the sex industry every day.
  9. 800,000 to 900,000 human beings are bought, sold, or forced across the world’s borders each year.
  10. 20,000 migrant workers, 78% being women, have disappeared in Taiwan with an increase of 1,000 per month.

台北.Taipei【免費入場/Free Admission】
Shin Kong Cineplex (Ximending; 4-5F, No. 36, Xining S. Rd. Taipei )
10/3 19:00 【被販賣的人生 Trafficked】
10/4 14:00 【中國正藍 China Blue】、【阿青的14個雇主 Working for a Better Future】
10/5 14:00 【夏日之月 Summer Moon】、【販運 Traffic: A MTV/EXIT Special】
Panel discussion follows the screening everyday.

台中.Taichung【免費入場/Free Admission】
Wonderful Cinemas (No. 38, Gongyuan Rd. Taichung)
10/14 19:00 【被販賣的人生Trafficked】
10/15 19:00 【中國正藍 China Blue】、【阿青的14個雇主 Working for a Better Future】
10/16 19:00 【夏日之月 Summer Moon】、【販運Traffic: A MTV/EXIT Special】
Panel discussion follows the screening everyday.

高雄.Kaohsiung【免費入場/Free Admission】
Shihchuan Cinema (No. 21, Shichuan 2nd Rd., Sanming Dist. Kaohsiung)
10/21 19:00 【被販賣的人生Trafficked】
10/22 19:00 【中國正藍 China Blue】、【阿青的14個雇主 Working for a Better Future】
10/23 19:00 【夏日之月 Summer Moon】、【販運Traffic: A MTV/EXIT Special】
Panel discussion follows the screening everyday.

台東.Taidong【免費入場/Free Admission】
National Taidong University (No. 684, Sec. 1, Chunghwa Rd., Taidong)
10/24 10:30 【被販賣的人生Trafficked】、【夏日之月 Summer Moon】
【販運Traffic: A MTV/EXIT Special】
Panel discussion follows the screening.