2008 IBAF Final Olympic Qualifying Tournament 2008

2008 IBAF Final Olympic Qualifying Tournament

Come on out and support your nation, it is for the three last remaining spots to compete in this year’s Olympics! All games live at the Tavern-Premier!

March 7th
12’30pm, South Korea南韓 vs. South Africa 南非
12’30pm, Canada加拿大 vs. Mexico墨西哥
6’30pm, Australia澳洲 vs. Germany德國
6’30pm, Spain西班牙 vs. Taiwan台灣

March 8th
12’30pm, South Africa南非vs. Canada加拿大
12’30pm, Taiwan台灣 vs. Mexico墨西哥
6’30pm, Australia澳洲 vs. South Korea南韓
6’30pm, Germany德國 vs. Spain西班牙

March 9th
12’30pm, Taiwan台灣 vs. Germany德國
12’30pm, Canada加拿大vs. Australia澳洲
6’30pm, Spain西班牙 vs. South Africa南非
6’30p, Mexico墨西哥 vs. South Korea 南韓

March 10th
12’30pm, South Africa南非vs. Germany德國
12’30pm, South Korea南韓 vs. Spain西班牙
6’30pm, Canada加拿大 vs. Taiwan台灣
6’30pm, Mexico墨西哥 vs. Australia澳洲

March 12th
12’30pm, Germany德國 vs. South Korea南韓
12’30pm, Spain西班牙 vs. Canada加拿大
6’30pm, Australia澳洲 vs. Taiwan台灣
6’30pm, South Africa南非vs. Mexico墨西哥

March 13th
12’30pm, Spain西班牙 vs. Australia澳洲
12’30pm, Mexico墨西哥 vs. Germany德國
6’30pm, Taiwan台灣 vs. South Africa南非
6’30pm, South Korea南韓 vs. Canada加拿大

March 14th
12’30pm, Mexico墨西哥 vs. Spain西班牙
12’30pm, Australia澳洲 vs. South Africa南非
6’30pm, Germany德國 vs. Canada加拿大
6’30pm, South Korea南韓 vs. Taiwan台灣

The Games featuring the Taiwan team 台灣 will be shown at The Pig and Whistle in Hsinchu.
Open weekdays from 5pm and Saturday/Sunday at 12 noon.