2010 Trade Pioneers Employment Meetings-April 12

Thanks for sharing that flying falcon. It was interesting to read about your experience there and I wish I went.

I attended. Let’s see what can I say:

I had 5 appointments between 3:30 p.m. and 5:15 p.m - 3 of the appointments were no-shows. They had either left or didn’t bother coming in the first place. I really don’t know. The two I did have wanted someone to work on commission to sell their products. I went to one free table without an appointment and the rep (very nicely) told me straight up they were looking for Russian or Arabic speakers only. He was also direct enough to tell me that I didn’t have the right personality for sales and marketing. (I have to agree, it’s just not me.)

In the two hours I was there I didn’t hear one native English accent. The vast majority of people were from Latin America and the former Soviet Union, with a few Indians and Vietnamese. And very young - majority were between 18-25. For the most part they seemed to have the necessary fire in the belly. If you’re into sales and marketing and are from one of the designated countries, it could work out rather nicely. But at all three interviews I was asked the same question: why am I not teaching English? Anyway . . .

If you didn’t attend don’t worry too much, unless you really hate teaching.

I missed this post so I couldnt register
however, it seems from the experiences shown here that all was pretty bad organised and not very serious…

A pity though…

For what they can do, I think it’s a good job. Could they do a better job within the current system and not lose their jobs for aiding and abetting foreigners, not on your life. The largest obstacles to hiring foreigners to work in taiwan are the arbitrary regulations decided at a whim and the media backlash.