2013 Le Mans Audi wins

Audi won 1 and 3 of the podium (and the number 5 spot) at Le Mans this year. Alan McNish was much happier this year than he was in 2011 no doubt.

Upstart Toyota got numbers 2 and 4 and very nearly got 2 and 3. They sure gave the Audi a run for their money.

The race was dealt a body blow with the death of Allan Simonsen driving an Aston Martin.

His roll cage was compromised and although he was conscious when removed from his car, he died later in the hospital.

McNish had a very spectacular crash in 2011 Le Mans but walked away with nary an injury.

Amazing crash footage here from 2011:


I’m sure you must work for the four rings somehow.

The thing that amazed me was that McNish was so lucky as his crash was pretty spectacular while Allan’s crash seemed to be more run of the mill. But of course, there was no good footage of Allan’s crash to see just how severe it was. But i guess if the roll cage is compromised, your safe exit is not assured.

Come to think of it, Senna’s crash didn’t look “that bad” either, but resulted in his death.

After driving the R8 around the track at only 100mph, I have a better appreciation for these guys doing speeds in excess of 200mph.

A career in golf is a lot safer.

These cars can take a lot of punishment but , to an extent.

It was quite an eventful LeMans…Many crashes, and you are right, McNish’s crash looked way worse, but ultimately it was Allan’s the worse one, that car moved around funny, like he caught a piece of something and then tried to correct…
It was a pretty grim event… except for the Ferrari team @ pits, ripping the refueling lines and whatnot.

You do work for them 4 rings don’t you? hahaha

Nah dont work for the 4 rings. Like to though.

There seems little footage (at least I didn’t see much) of Allan’s crash, but it looked like his left wheels went over the edge of the roadway where there are painted lines. And believe you me those painted lines are slick as ice. I once stepped on one on a rainy san francisco day and split my pants on one knee because i tripped and fell.

Looks to me like (wet road) the painted surface unsettled his car and it went full speed to the left and left the course. He was not able to keep from slamming into the armco. And unfortunately the steel barrier doesn’t provide a gentle deceleration.

Seems he was conscious but died in the hospital. Speculating here but could have been a head injury from the roll cage deformation? So he was conscious for awhile but as his brain began to swell from the injury he died.

Sad. Its rare to have a death in the 24 hours Le Mans. To me it cast a gloom over the whole event.

The winning Audi team dedicated their win to Allan in his honor (as they should).

Seems Allan had raced with Audi before, driving DTM R8s.

Yes, painted surfaces on wet road are the worst gripping surfaces on earth, I applied brakes once in a scooter in Kaoh over a road arrow and almost slide the scooter badly. Race track rumble strips arent suppossed to be THAT slippery (due to the ups and downs) but still… It is still strange to hear a rollcage failure, it’s one of the items that are most regulated in motorsports.
LeMans has also one of the worst accidents ever in motorsports history, I believe 1955 when a bunch of people died due to a car going into the grandstands…