2014 Looking for LOHAS Talents

“2014 Looking for LOHAS Talents” is recruiting now!!!

Since the grand opening in 2004, Gold Museum has been dedicated to preserving and re-energizing the mining cultural heritage in the Shuinandong-Jinguashi-Jiufen area.
On a continuing basis, the aim of the program is to enhance the networking between local features and environmental resources and to fully present the integration of mining cultural heritage and history in the area.

In August 2012, Gold Museum firstly introduced a new aspect of “working holiday”.
We invite you to our “Looking for LOHAS Talents” program in Jinguashi, where we have one of the world-class landscapes in Taiwan, with free accommodation in our “Cottage of LOHAS Talents” area in exchange your creativity.
We carry out the program throughout 2014, you are expecting to be a step closer to the life in Jinguashi, surrounding by the old mining atmosphere and experiencing the lifestyle of old days,
and releasing you from the stress and crowdedness from the city to unleash your creativity.
The beauty of the town gives you the perfect environment for art creating. Furthermore, there are full series of festivities and events within and nearby the Shuinandong-Jinguashi-Jiufen area over the year for you to explore,
giving you a great chance for knowing the local people and custom.
On the other hand, we hope that your coming will infuse new life into the old town and sow the seeds of culture and art to Shuinandong-Jinguashi-Jiufen area.

i. 20 years old and older
ii. Individual or a group of no more than 2 members.
iii. No restriction for the form of creative works (interactive works are preferred); no fire/explosion is allowed. Art of all categories, including DIY ideas, blogging, painting, designing, performing arts, filming, and life aesthetics, are welcome.
iv. Proposal for Art Studio Open Day: Proposal for the activity of Art Studio Open Day held by the Museum, which is an event design for the Talents to interact with the public by showing their work and the studio (accommodation) once a month. No restriction on the form of the work; however, it must be approved by the Museum.
v. Work during the program should be related to the environment, ecology, history, culture and the art of the Shuinandong- Jinguashi-Jiufen area. Additionally, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Gold Museum, all the events will be surrounding the theme of “Golden Decennial”. Art work related to the theme is recommended.

Dates and Application Deadlines

Spring term: January 20th 2014 to April 30th 2014
Deadline: December 31th 2013, 5PM

Summer term: May 12th 2014 to August 29th 2014
Deadline: March 28th 2014, 5PM

Autumn term: September 15th 2014 to December 31st 2014
Deadline: July 25th 2014, 5PM
(The Museum reserved the right to make changes on the date.)

i. All applicants are required to choose from one of the term (applying for more than one term is welcome). You are not required to stay for the full term; however, the period you intend to stay must be specified and should be no less than three weeks. Applications, which including your personal CV and your art work, should be mailed in before deadline by post or email. (Postmark as indicator)
ii. By Post: Please send to “Gold Museum, New Taipei City Government” (No. 8, Jinguang Road, Rueifang District, New Taipei City 22450, Taiwan) and mark the upper right corner with “Application for 2014 Looking for LOHAS Talents Program”.
iii. By E-Mail: Please send an email to goldmuseumcreators@gmail.com. Upload the required information to the internet and include related links or websites or provide a video clip (must be formatted to play on computers).

Further information can be found in our brochure