2017 Costco Thread


Yep. That is why I pointed out the US changes/terms do not apply to us. In Taiwan, you can ONLY USE Cathay Costco co-brand card.

I have to check what/if there are any changes in Japan. Loveliest Costco I have seen so far.


I knew it was too good to be true.


damn it. thanks for the clarification.

Costco in Japan would be interesting to see in person!


I have pictures. You know that mess at the food court? None of it. Carts filed in perfect rows.

Oh, the meat section. They have tongue! Cow tongue!


@Andrew0409 the Zhonghe Costco has several of the large teddy bears, and they are NT$999 if I read the sign correctly. If I were you, I’d go get one before they’re all gone.


It is 999 at neihu. Not 6k.


Honestly, the way they stack things and price/product tags at Costco, it is easy to get confused which price belongs to what. Is it the hanging one or the one pasted right under? It is one of my pet peeves there.

So, did you get it?


Is @Andrew0409 taller or is the stuffed bear?


There are different stuffed bears, there’s a really big one for 999 and a f’king ginourmous one for 6K or so, I doubt you would want the f’king ginournous one as it’s f’king ginourmous


I have the costco Cathay card as well, when I first applied I applied for a sogo card which was rejected because foreigner.

Applied for the Cathay one at the branch 2 years ago, got rejected, but the lady at the branch had a lot of pull because she called them and gave the rep crap, they said they would reconsider, and a week later the card came in. I honestly think they are more careful when foreigners apply for the costco card since rejected foreigners will complain to costco and disturb the qi.

So yes you can get one but you need to be persistent.

Tom , I applied for the anz card, I’ve spoke to managers , made formal complaints, but they absolutely will not issue a card to a foreigner without a guarantor. If you press them , they will make another excuse for denying a foreigner.


I was approached by the Cathay people at Costco. I told her I did not have a Taiwan ID and she said it was no problem as long as I had been at my job for 2 years. Got me a card, no problem. Main reason I wanted it was because they will be opening the Costco gas stations soon. First one will be here in Zhongli and apparently they will not be accepting cash.


Wow, must be the first place in TW that won’t accept cash.


One of the reasons I got the ANZ card (Travel card) was, because the company I am working for.
In fact that was really painless. Sent my 3 months salary, my last tax statement and 2 weeks later I had it. No questions asked.
(But was rejected for the Chinatrust Infinite, even they approached me at the airport :stuck_out_tongue:)



If you are applying for the China trust infinite, someone is a high roller :wink:
Anz probably would beg you to sign up.

PS… are they hiring? :slight_smile:

On another tangent, I was very surprised myself that people would line up for hours with no freebies. Costco is such a cult here, in Canada people just want to get in and out as fast as they can, in Taiwan it’s a family excursion

Hey what do you want to do this afternoon? Hey, let’s go to costco said no Westerner ever.


Because free food for test.
And some items were 50% off, so you would have see the $$ signs in their eyes :stuck_out_tongue:


P.S. Honestly, I didn’t plan to apply, she probably saw me parking my car there and showed my ANZ card and approached me. I even had to ask which card she wanna apply for me :smiley:
Btw. currently no hiring


Costco accept cash.


It was stated that the gas stations apparently won’t be though.


Oh OK, I didn’t see anything about the gas station. What’s so special about Costco gas that would make me purchase there?


In NYC it’s slightly cheaper than most.


In Colorado it was always quite a bit cheaper than other stations.