2017 Costco Thread


ANZ might make exceptions for high-end expats, but for others they are cold-shoulder disinterested, IMO. For no particular reason they have recently repeatedly ‘encouraged’ me to close my account, which was established when an earlier company established their retail branch. After that it was acquired by another company, and then it was sold to them. I was one of the very original customers (first 150), and due to guanxi was listed as their ‘staff’ in their system because I taught English at the company that set the branch up.

It’s a good thing I kept it, because when I recently had a US$4000 check to deposit (not cash, mind you), my other bank (Fubon) rejected it, saying it was too big (seriously?!). But ANZ took it, earning a very pretty 30 day float on it, I might add.

So, I doubt ANZ is begging anyone to sign up.


For reference…for those brave souls who venture in Costo on New Year


I feel some measure of pity for the Costco Employees working then.


Well, this is the humongous bear. And it really is 6000 ntd.


Indeed my kiddo was correct … quite expensive and honestly useless.


Not useless when it can be used as gift to a very unhappy SO. :wink:


Depends. I’d love if my boyfriend came home with one of those. Gives you something huggable, big and furry. But so is a boyfriend!


I prefer fresh flowers not stuff toys.


I’d rather have books too. But Andrew’s girl wants a stuffed bear… so she better feed Andrew!


Food? Is that the best reward you could think of? For a giant stuffed bear, that better be some pretty toe-curling food.


I mean to turn him into a stuffed bear: stuff him with food, LOL.


got your point lah :slight_smile:


I love Costco.


Can you buy salami from Costco in Taiwan? Or…prosciutto…soppressata…avocados? :grin:


Yes, American, but some pretty good. Same deal on prosciutto, but I haven’t tried it. Never saw soppressata or anything like it. Somewhere like Jason’s or especially Breeze will have Italian cold cuts I think. Costco usually has Hass avocados in the cooler.



You just made my day. Can you feel my smile?



Is it pretty expensive to buy imported food (salami, fruits, etc.)?

Can I buy cheese…real cheese? Examples? :slight_smile:


Especially in the supermarkets like Breeze it’s crazy expensive. They’ll have plenty of cheese, same. Costco thankfully always has Italian parmesan, gran padano and romano at decent prices :joy: and American fresh mozzarella that’s decent, and other things here and there, as well as loads of various non-Italian cheeses. Carrefour especially the one in Tienmu and I think Xindian, has a good selection of various imported cheeses and some coldcuts at reasonable prices.


Gran padano!!! :joy: I’m hoping you’re going to tell me that I can get Spanish cheese too…like manchego. And dare I ask, chorizo?

Does expensive mean like 1500 TWD for an ounce of cheese? To find good cheese in Japan is hard, depending on where you live, and expensive. I think I paid roughly $13 for a small wedge of Romano. Japanese cheese is terrible, by the way. I wouldn’t even call it cheese. I don’t know what it is.

I think my friend lied to me when she told me not to go to Taiwan. (I have a good argument to make with her too because she’s going back this month.:grimacing:)


Probably in the fancy supermarkets, but not sure. I never pay that much for cheese so not sure either. Not 1500 an ounce though :slight_smile: Maybe I’m overstating. They sell everything by the 100 grams here, maybe somebody knows. Costco is good, I paid $12 for a 600gm wedge of pecarino romano recently. The gran padano is a bit more and the parmesan a bit more.

Why’d they say not to go to Taiwan?