2017 Costco Thread


There used to be a huge selection of cereal at the Neihu Branch, but last I looked it was down to Corn Flakes and one other I forget the name of. What happened to Cheerios and all the others?


They come and go. The oat-based ones (Cheerios at Costco, and Oatmeal Squares at our local super) disappeared right after the
glyphosate tests came up positive.


My guess is that GM, unable to source agrochemical-free oats in sufficient quantity, had to stop shipping to countries that have strict rules on this. Just a guess.


For what it’s worth these days I buy most of my breakfast cereal from iHerb. Cereal’s one of the few items for which selection has gotten worse here in recent years, and even with shipping costs iHerb often turns out cheaper than local supermarkets, if the item exists here at all.

I guess this may be why I recently couldn’t find steel-cut oats here (which I also wound up ordering from iHerb).


The Costco gas station opened last week in Zhongli! Haven’t had a chance to try yet, but received a text from them yesterday saying that it is self-serve and you can only use the partner CC (Cathay). Also, you will get 3% back from gas purchases.



I was shopping at the Neihu Costco today, and a Cathay Bank rep approached me to see if I want to apply for a credit card. I applied, but am skeptical if it will actually go through. Still, it was surprising to have the bank rep seek me out instead of avoid eye contact!
I applied a few years ago and was rejected on the basis of being a foreigner without a Taiwanese guarantor. I would never ask anyone to sign for me, and I was able to find another card with China Trust.
I would like the Costco credit card. Anyone have this card yet?


If you had the Chinatrust Costco card, Cathay was supposed to take you in, foreign or not.

I have had the Costco credit card for years, and it has been quite beneficial, for instance, no year membership to pay due to points accumulated.

After you get Costco card from Cathay, you can ask for Asia Miles or Sogo or any cobranded card that best suits your needs.


I have Chinatrust, but not Chinatrust costco. Let see if they approve me…


I’ve had one for 3 years now, last year they upgraded me to the platinum card, guess I was profitable enough.

Originally I applied for Cathay’s Sogo mall card and was turned down like you said, a foreigner with no guarantor. I leaned on Sogo mall for help to no avail. Applied for the new Costco card when it came out and was rejected again but the saleslady at the branch called and gave them what for and it was approved.

From the stories I read, a lot of people that were rejected complained to Costco and the rule was changed. And to be honest, from a risk prospective, I would think Costco members would be a good risk, these are people willing to pay money to shop at a store that really isn’t that cheap.


See if you can remind them of that. Like saying: I already have credit history, check my performance with Chinatrust.


I did tell them about that. They said this should help.


Couple of new things I saw at neihu Costco today

Asashi sakura clear beer (English said beer, might be soju)

Budweiser beer (cheap American beer,)

Ford focus and Ford fiesta cars (845000 and 643000)


I was approached late last year while I was waiting for a friend. I told the sales lady I thought they didn’t offer them to foreigners. If I remember correctly, she said as long as I had a job for 2 years it would be no problem. So I signed up and got approved. I mainly got it to use at the new Costco gas station here in Zhongli.


Where is the vegemite???


Collecting in the toes of those forgotten damp mouldy-assed runners that have been sitting in the back of your closet for a year and a half…



At Jason’s Q Suare there was a lone Vegemite jar… by the cleaning products.


Hopefully nowhere on this island. That stuff is awful.


Mmm, always love to start my day with a yeast infection in my mouth!


Went to the Costco gas station last night. Self serve and the 95 octane was 3 NT cheaper than CPC at 22.3 NT/L. Plus, I’ll be getting the 3% back in points redeemable at Costco. :happyrunningaround:


For what it’s worth, at the Beitou / Guandu Costco today…

  • none of the Costco/Kirkland beer cases.
  • none of the good (Kirkland?) bacon.
  • no goat cheese.
  • no Tillamook pepper jack cheese.

But I still managed to get salad greens (maybe the only place for mixed greens in the northern part of Taipei these days?), coffee beans, maple syrup, and a block of Ford Farms’ “Coastal Rugged Mature English Cheddar”, so the trip wasn’t a waste. But man, I gave up beer for Lent, and I was looking forward to bringing home one of those Costco cases.

They’re still stocking the torta rolls as well, usually near the bagels. I like those for sandwiches.


I noticed the past few weeks that supply was dwindling at the Zhongli store. Couple of days ago, they were all out. Since that was the winter pack, I’m hoping they were just getting rid of them for the summer brews coming back. Fingers crossed.