2017 Costco Thread


As of a few days ago, there were plenty of cases at the Xinzhuang location. Probably not convenient for most, but just a heads-up…


Almond Breeze

Almond milk

Only contains 2% almonds, or did my taste buds and internet search misinterpret something?

almond breeze advertising lawsuit

Why don’t they advertize it as a milk substitute for coffee?
I thought this is good for coffee, but my wife is disappointed.
We’ll bring it back tomorrow.


I bought some last week trying to be healthy, and figured it would be good. Had a look at the label today and was disappointed also. Don’t think Costco in Taiwan sell another brand of almond milk. Might stick to soy.


It has carrageenan among other not so nice stuff. I wonder if it is better to buy their almonds and just make them but are them ok? Not from China or if from US, any reliable pesticide tests?


Saw some Kirkland brand smoked salmon on sale at Guandu Costco. 300 ntd for 450 grams. Expires fairly soon.


This is heavenly. If anyone sees in any Costco please let me know.


The Guandu location had some when I was there on Sunday. Now if they would only bring in the bigger three-pack…


It seems they have stopped selling a lot of Kirkland products at Costco (At least in the Hsin Zhuang branch)…couldn’t find the Kirkland toothpaste and the Salsa sauce the last time I visited…had to order the toothpaste off of Ruten…and I miss Dad’s Root Beer too :cry:


Anyone seen any Illy coffee beans in stock these days? Haven’t seen them for months.


They have them at neihu Costco.

I also saw McCormick brand taco seasoning in the Costco size for 150ntd. Better than nothing I guess.


Maybe I just lack the charm.

Three banks from E Sun, Mega, and Taiwan Bank have all said it is illegal for foreigners to have CC. All I have done was ask. The lady behind the counter says a very shy “Sorry” and goes away and brings back someone who says “No. It is not possible!”

I whined to Costco and got a call from Cathay. They want a detailed 10 year credit and income history IN TW, along with all assets. Seriously. That is what I was told.

When filing out stuff for my APRC, I mentioned to NIA that property is difficult since banks will not allow foreigners to have loans or CC, they say it is illegal. I was told by the NIA that doing that was illegal.

I dunno. Maybe I am just not charming enough.


The Cathedral of Costco is in Taichung.
Same as the Basilica of IKEA and the Holy Church of Decathalon. :slight_smile:


Mega gives secured cards. Start there. Once you have one, the others start coming.

Illegal my foot. Tell them to show you the law. They can give you the bs about needing a local guarantor but even that crumbles against the law.

Tell them you will deposit 100k in their bank aa collateral. Tell them that’s peanuts to you in a Clint Eastwood voice next time they say it’s illegal. Tell them the truth: it cannot be illegal as per WTO agreements and their own government regulations.

Call Costco and raise a stink. Ask dan2006 how.


Why can’t I buy a decent bag of avocados from Costco these days? The last two times I’ve purchase avocados from the Neihu Costco, they have been bad. They don’t ripen and only turn rotten, and have streaks in them. Any other good ideas about where to buy avocados? I use quite a few in shakes.


Not from Jasons. Seems we got a bad shipment.

That is why I was looking for the ready made guacamole. No nee dto wonder if it is ripe or not, good or bad. 100% tasty every time you open the plastic container.


I’m not sure I would like guacamole in my morning banana, protein powder, coconut milk smoothie. I did see the mini wholly guacamole in neihu costco.


Tienmu Carrefour, probably others.


Extra chia seeds?

Local avocados, when in season, are OK for smoothies.


i definitely need to try the local avocados for my smoothies.


Local avocados are bigger and much better but don’t buy too much because these easily ripened.