2018 Costco Thread



Not exactly current, but I remember reading over the Xmas break that Europe, esp. France, was experiencing a butter shortage. Maybe it went there, and for better prices.


Probably going to local big manufacturers and large customers like bakeries or restaurants. Production of cakes and breads and other stuff has risen dramatically.


There is or was regular salted butter available.


Good to know. Thanks!


The Orvis shirts are in the foreground (bottom of photo): dark blue, blue plaid, red plaid. At the spot forex rate at time of taking this > US**$16.52** per shirt. Made in Vietnam. I just picked up 2.

Orvis ain’t exactly going to make you good-famous on Instagram (neither will these 3 colors), but it’s normally of good quality. These are cut well and the fabric seems to be really good SuperDry stuff. The sizes are Asian sizes, so XL is closer to L than X.


Looks like the shirt Justin Timberlake wears in his Man of the Woods video. This is true fashion forward stuff!


Oh yeah, me and The Timber go way back. :nerd_face:

(I am no fashion maven!) :grinning:


In that case, I hope you didn’t buy the plaid one. Plaid is definitely back (once again).


Perhaps you, too, have seen the recent news that TP and other paper products will see a 10% price increase soon.

Could have set up a half-court game of basketball in the empty space upstairs where pallets of TP were located (Hsinchu). It’s a wide open space now!


Yeah it was big news on the local reports last night.

It was competing with the segment about the guy who left his custard apple in the fridge for 10 days and it had turned black and as hard as a rock. I kid you not.


Looks like Costco has stopped carrying my favorite red wine, the Hardy’s boxed cabernet sauvignon from Australia. It was missing long before Chinese New Year and still now on my return. They only have chardonnay now, not at all my taste. This is at the Chungho store. Just checking to see if anyone else has seen it at other locations or anywhere else in Taipei. This is really a drag as this is my staple wine and never found it anywhere else. Thanks in advance for any replies.


I’ve seen it at the Hsinchu branch, but I haven’t looked recently. Definitely seen the cab sauv in the past, though. I’ll take another look soon.

So it’s good?


Thanks bojack. I couldn’t make it to Hsinchu but I hope it reappears up here.

Yes, it’s a very quaffable every day wine. Boxed wines have improved a lot over the years. A friend of mine even made this his wedding wine here in Taipei. And you can’t beat the price. A 5 liter box was going for just about NT$950.


Cacao nibs. Sprinkle a bit in yogurt. Just loving them. Any other tasty uses?


It’s still available for NT$939 at the Hsinchu Costco, but the floor stock is very limited. Five liters of wine would last a long time for me, so didn’t buy (yet). Pic is from earlier this week, kept forgetting to post it.


That’s what I keep thinking when I buy that 1.5 liter of Glenmorangie. I think buying small bottles and beer as you need it is better. Think ice cream and chocolate.


I think you’re right. 1.5L is about my limit. Five liters of cab suav is … a lot of cab suav to get through.


Glenmorangie is scotch! I’m saying be careful because that 5 liters of wine will go quickly. But sometimes that’s not always a bad thing.


I’d end up drinking the same amount, but just creating more empties.


Oh I know, and in fact I keep the 1.5L of Glenmorangie around because it’s pretty darn good for the money. My point is that pretty soon I would have a 5L box of wine, a 1.5L of Glenmorangie, a 1.75L of Jack, etc., around and it’s too much. I try to limit the big bottles, or I get the stink eye.

And 5L of a varietal is too much. Five liters of Meritage or Bordeaux is one thing, but one grape is a whole different thing.