2018 Costco Thread



It’s back in stock at the Guandu location.


Nightdiver13 wrote:
“It’s back in stock at the Guandu location.”

Hi Nightdiver13,
Thanks for posting on this. I went back to the Chungho store hoping to find it back in stock but none to be found. Are you sure you saw the red cabernet sauvignon boxes? because they still have many of the smaller green chardonnay boxes.

bojack wrote:
“It’s still available for NT$939 at the Hsinchu Costco, but the floor stock is very limited. Five liters of wine would last a long time for me, so didn’t buy (yet).”

Thanks for checking in Hsinchu bojack. Actually the wine stays good for a long while in the box. I have come back from a 3 week trip to boxes I have opened and they are still good. I imagine they would last even longer if kept in the fridge.


Yeah, I’ve got a box from that trip sitting in my kitchen. They looked to have a good amount, but I guess their stock moves pretty quickly.


My local Costco has stopped stocking Kirkland shampoo and conditioner. The ones in the purple and white bottle.

Can anyone confirm that this is an island wide thing? I’m quite angry as you can get every other shampoo they sell in Watsons or Carrefour, and the price isn’t even cheaper.

It’s an annoying trend- Costco seems to be stocking less and less Kirkland products and more and more local brands (which you can already buy anywhere).


Hey Nightdiver13 Thanks for posting: “It’s back in stock at the Guandu location.”. It gave me inspiration to go check out the Neihu branch. Thankfully they had it on the floor with a pretty good amount.

Needless to say, I stocked up. Strange how it’s been out of stock at the Chungho branch for so long. I wonder if this is a Costco trend of keeping stock only in certain stores.

Anyway, I’m glad to be back in stock personally. Cheers, and thanks again.


Apparently the Nintendo Switch is back in stores (Tainan, at least) if anybody is interested. Saw a friend shared this post a few minutes ago.


At tk3c it costs 11999nt with Zelda


Also not Costco, but I think the Switch is on special at the RT Mart. $9000-something but without a game. I didn’t check the details but I think that was the general gist of the sign I saw at the Nei Hu 2 store.


Costco Taichung got got some nice Whisky


Which makes no sense because it’s their own brand and it is good quality.


You can’t count on anything at Costco in Taiwan. If it’s not in stock now, wait a month and maybe it’ll come back. Or maybe not. Even the people who work there can’t help you with that one.


When I ask about products that were there the month before, but then not the next month, I am always told the same thing: It is seasonal.

Bunch of BS. It is not just Costco, this seasonal import stuff is rampant all through stores here. I don’t get it. If something sells out, would that not be an indication that it is something good to keep in stock and sell on a regular basis?


I guess no one was buying it?

Remember KFC stopped selling original recipe chicken in Taiwan, despite is being the chicken they’re famous for worldwide, because it wasn’t popular with locals.


Not to derail this thread, but KFC also stopped selling their mashed potatoes with gravy and biscuits in Taiwan too. Not cool.


Damn, how long ago did KFC in Taiwan still have the original recipe?


Wait, they no longer sell that at all?! Huh. I know it used to often involve a wait - like getting a regular coffee at Starbucks here! - but I didn’t realize they’d stopped it entirely.

How weird. Their original recipe at least has a recognizable and somewhat enjoyable flavour. The spicy one is just a bunch of tasteless batter.


KFC original recipe chicken disappeared years ago

Ironically McDonalds in Taiwan sells much better fried chicken than KFC (fresher, less oily, better flavour).


Has anyone bought Costco furniture? I am considering their sofa set as my precious kitties might not be able to destroy it that easily. It is 20k amd a similar set in wood could range from 25 to 45k.


True. It does tend to happen in other places also. I was so sad when 7/11 stopped selling the small Fruit cake they has stocked for a few years. Similar to the cake in Pic.


Never have, but if I were to buy new furniture here I would definitely look at Costco first. Would try to sit on it first, though - even though here in Hsinchu that would probably entail waiting in line for a while. (Costco members in Hsinchu seem eager to test signs reading “please do not sit on the furniture”)