2018 Costco Thread


It if was made locally I wouldn’t even blink, but made in Chian makes me a bit worried that it will have the same IKEA chemical stink. that is something you cannot tell in teh showroom.


Go the whole hog!

15K off, leaving a balance of only 68,999, bargain and the cats will love the soft leather!


Do you want me to put the pictures of the carnage a group of cats can inflict on a leather sofa? I only have the ottoman left. They dug out the back and hollowed out the front of the main sofa…

Natuzzi?! That is real leather man. Imagine trying to clean cat furballs off it… The furniture stores assure me they have anti scratch fake leather, but man, no no nope. No more leather for me.

Plastic, man, that is where I am now.


Plastic so sticky in summer and so cold in winter though . I struggled to find “ velour” fabric in Taiwan . They seem to have a choice of plastic , leather, or hessian sack material :pensive:


Costo is empty! Everyone is at CHT! Come, there is parking space!!!


Our cats DESTROYED our vinyl sofas. Nothing stopped them – cat repellent spray, squirting with water, supplying scratching posts – nothing. Eventually after three passed away, with only one left that doesn’t scratch much, we bought fitted cloth covers for them to make them presentable again. I’m glad we got cheap sofas to begin with. No way would I risk leather. And leather can get moldy in Taiwan, too.


For what it’s worth, our sofa is the “hessian sack” variety (as in, sort of uncomfortable for bare skin), and our cats have treated it moderately well. Once in a while they scratch it, but the damage has been minimal, and just makes the sack look a bit more … hessian-y?

We also do keep the most recent couple of delivery boxes scattered around the apartment, and those seem to sate the scratching and shredding urges, but I doubt they would do the trick if we had vinyl furniture. (And I’ve given up on scratching posts. Those hold their interest for perhaps 30 seconds. They only seem to scratch things that they know they can destroy.)


Oh I got covers, Their Lordships just digged under them. Hence, I did not notice the extent of the distruction.

Sat on the couches. They have individual pillows, so of the cats destroy one, well, it can be replaced.

I wanna see them try to scratch weaved plastic.


Trying to buy an online exclusive item but there is some error in their system and I cannot register online despite they confirmed my identity and calling is a long wait and they never called me back.

Does anyone know at the store do they have computers that you can buy online direct? (without registering?)


I believe you need a Costco Cathay Pacific credit card to buy online?


yeah I’ve got Costco Cathay Pacific credit card. They show my name and everything but when I click to register they bring me back to the ‘optional’ English name section and no matter how i write it or leave it blank they keep showing that as an error. Bummer.


My problem solved.

finally got the customer service to call me back. Turns out my name is too long for their ‘online website’ Max is 20 characters and my middle name broke the system…lol They removed my middle name and SUCCESS. I’m free to spend gobs of money online!!! capitalism continues!


Thank you for the info. I have never tried shopping Costco online but if I do and run into trouble, at least I will know what to do.


Have you guys tried the new clam chowder soup they’re serving in the food court?

They raised the price, but is also bigger in size. Nonetheless, the soup is a bit more watered down than it was before.


I had it a few weeks ago and also noticed it was different. Didn’t quite like it as much. But they are still selling the big cans of Campbell’s.


The “new” clam chowder soup is pretty meh. In Hsinchu it could stand to have some salt shaken in. I think the clams are canned, and I don’t think the potatoes are fresh, either.

Might become more appetizing when the weather cools down this fall. Maybe.


Holy mother of Xi…


I can only imagine the carnage.


Now Costco is gonna have to disavow that letter stating that Taiwan is a country.


Wow. They’ll need to start planting onions now.