2018 Costco Thread


Lol. Buy onion futures now


Onions will never recover, better to save some seeds, they’ll be worth a fortune once they officially go extinct.


Greek yogurt, honey, blueberries. All bought at Costco. Cacao nibs instead of blueberries is also excellent.


Just a tiny pinch of cinnamon sprinkled over that would also hit the spot (also available at Costco).


This might be a business opportunity if everyone with extra land plants onions. Costco might be willing to buy them for use in China.


I went the other day and they were able to charge my Citi Costco card (which you get in the states). Previously they were never able to charge it and I always had to pay cash. Is this a new thing or were they always able to do this (and we’re just lying to me before)?


I use my citi card all the time at least since January when I came back.


Is this US issued card?


Yeah mine is the citi Costco credit card you get in the US. It used to be the Amex before we all got forcibly converted when citi won the Costco account.


Interesting. I remember a few years ago at one US Costco they were rather curious of my non AMEX Costco credit card.

I think AMEX was given the boot from Costco, right? I was wondering what card could I use instead.


In the US, you can now use any Visa card - it doesn’t have to be the Citi Costco Visa. You can very likely use foreign Visa cards as well. All of the US costco members who had the amex card (which doubled as our membership card) got converted to the citi costco card (which currently doubles as our membership card).

Previously when I was in Taiwan, my costco membership card was fine, but the checkout person couldn’t swipe the CC, saying that they only accepted the Cathay co-branded one. So I was pretty surprised when this past time they could swipe it - I guess this was a somewhat recent thing?


I’m not sure if it’s new or not, I wasn’t a Costco member in the US.

At Costco Taiwan they only accept co-branded Costco cards that also act as membership cards. The bank Costco uses in Taiwan is Cathay, I believe.

If they now accept similar US Costco cards here in Taiwan (membership card + credit card but using the U.S. partner bank), then I believe that yes, it would be a recent development.


I do need to find a way to pay large amounts there or in Japan. 500 or so in cash is a bit too much to carry around shopping.


Anyone seen the good bacon that was at Costco last year? It was in the refrigerated case, not frozen and also imported.


The US bacon eh. No, gone for a while.


No, sadly. But I do hope anyone who sees it will quickly post here so I can go buy a couple of packages.


One of my friends was complaining about the lack of real bacon or real cold cuts (at an affordable price) to make a proper sandwich. I suggested that we bake our own bread, cure bacon, etc. His reply is that it should just be easy to buy and assemble a plain sandwich. haha.


The imported ham and roast beef at Costco are fairly good.

I keep meaning to just use slices of pork tenderloin I cook myself, but I never get around to it.

The Costco bacon destroyed me, sadly. I now find the local stuff inedible. Except for that thick-cut brand.

And yeah, I either use Costco ciabatta or homemade bread machine loaves for sandwiches.


@maoman has touted these guys before on taiwaneasy.tw


Supposed to be good if you have the coin! Maybe there’s other people doing similar things


looks good. I wonder why ham cured in Taiwan is so weird to me. It’s a taste and texture difference. I bet this guy knows.