2018 Costco Thread



Hey all,

I’m a studying at Shida and living near the university. I’m only going to be around for a few more months.

I have my membership with me from Canada. But from the looks of it, the nearest Costco isn’t really accessible by public transit.

Just wondering if a trip to the local Costco is worth it, given I’ll have to get a taxi? The only thing I really need at the moment is protein powder. Is there anything at Costco that would be unique? Or am I better off just paying a bit more at the local supermarket?



Bus 241 from Guting.

Take metro to Ching An station. Bus 275 there. Or 8. Or the line that goes to Hsingchuang.

Protein powder way cheaper. Like half price. Cheese. Ham. Guacamole. Toilet paper.


Thanks Takeshiro Kaneshiro (?)

I guess I’ll buck up and pay 'em a visit.



Look how pretty!


oh wow that’s a sick bag, gotta get me one of these. poor kaohsiung getting stuck with a duckboat as its representative.


Got a few to give as gifts. I’m cheap, I know. They had some aborigine themed bags before. Very cool.


Wow, it even accurately captures the pollution on the central west coast.


What’s that white box at Hualien?


I speculate something made of the famous Hualien marble, but not sure what


Taoyuan Branch of Costco is my normal store, they have this 6.5 tree with lights built in for 6999nt, and online there is one for 4200 without lights. anyone see this at their branch of the store for sale, or is it only online.



I remember the same deal from last year. Do yourself a favor and splurge for the lights attached to the tree. I did, and don’t regret it all. They pack way easier and have different colors and flashing patterns. Dollar cost averaging over the next five years makes it worth it.


Does anyone know what exactly is needed to sign up for a Costco membership? Passport? ARC?

Most useful retail membership?

Just your ARC, but I would guess a passport would work fine. Also your current address if that is different from your ARC because they will be mailing you their ‘passport of savings’ to let you know what will be going on sale.

The woman there helped me to fill it all out.


I’ve used both I have two member numbers :slightly_smiling_face:
Signed up when I first got here with a passport and the second time with ARC, first one was canceled.


Would it be better to wait until I’ve received my ARC or does it not make a difference?


Costco is the most useful. I miss Costco.


They usually ask for an arc if you say you’re a visitor or didn’t bring the arc they will ask for a passport, so both are OK.


If you have trouble getting a costco card in taiwan, but have it in your home country (like the USA), then you can also just get it there as the memberships are global, along with the handy Citi Costco credit card. The Citi card actually works in the Taiwan Costcos, and it has no foreign transaction fee, and you get 2% back (yay), so win win win.


Black Friday is almost here. Anyone planning to brave Costco in Taiwan on Black Friday?


Good question. I remember they made a big deal of it last year, but haven’t really heard anything this year and it’s already tomorrow.