2018 Top Ten Instant Cup Noodles in Asia

They tried over 200 in Asia and three of the top 10 are from Taiwan.


Huh - does anyone on the board actually eat instant noodles? I haven’t had any in years, but that’s based in large part on far too many bowls of crap instant noodles in college in Canada. Maybe I should get a few of these for ultra lazy lunches or dinners.

Curious list. Many of those photos look shockingly appetizing.

some of them are actually not bad, feels kinda like a satchet of dog food when they have actual meat in them but yea its not bad. i just can’t accept eating instant noodles more than a couple times a year.

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I buy a 6-pack every few months for those days when I’m too lazy to eat or do anything else. I usually buy Korean.

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I’ve had all 3 Taiwan entrees, all very very good! :star_struck:

There’s a Taiwanese seafood one that I quite like. Apart from that, I only eat Korean and Japanese pao mian. And it’s once a week. Saturday afternoons, when I’m really lazy.
I usually add some tuna, chili and poach an egg in it.

they do nothing for me anymore. this is the only one i like. maybe because it tastes like a pot noodle? pot noodles used to be great when i was a kid, seems they changed the recipe nowadays. last time i had one it wasn’t how i remembered.

The ones from SE Asia in that article look really good. I haven’t had one from anywhere in ages, though. I would much rather actually cook one and possibly add a few things. Shin Ramen from Korea is about the only one I eat anymore.