2018 US Mid-term Elections!


Caught at the scene.


The only thing you got right was the black outfit. :sunglasses:


And the difficulty navigating steps, too.

Also, this is more serious than a teeny ~nudge nudge wink wink~ doorbell prank. These idiots broke his door and were recorded saying something about a pipe bomb. They scattered when police arrived, and pulled down their online content of this incident.

Why scatter? Why pull down the content, unless this was a crime and they knew it?

Carlson, host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” was not home at the time. He said his wife, Susie, was home alone and heard the commotion from the kitchen. She called the police and locked herself into a pantry, he said. His brother – who lives close by – arrived about the same time as law enforcement.

The host said activists rang his doorbell, broke his oak door and one protester was apparently caught on security video mentioning a pipe bomb.

“Here’s the problem, I have four children,” he [Carlson] said by phone. “I never thought twice about leaving them home alone, but this is the reaction because this group doesn’t like my TV show.”



God bless Texas ? Why what’s wrong with it ?:grin:

They like preacher hand on heart style in Texas obviously. :money_mouth_face:
It’s all that sincerity shining through.


That was the one race where I was an apostate. Was hoping Beto would win. :wink:


Love the token Black guy on the left and the kinda Black Mexican guy on the right. They keep having to move to keep in shot.
Then you have the Texan cowboy standing solidly and the Monica Lewinsky behind waiting to give him the election BJ.

I don’t know , you’d think he could have said, you know what, tough fight you really put it up to us, we know there are people with different views out there let’s work together.

But nope.


What I find interesting is that many on the left called people “racist” for not voting for Beto, the white guy who was running against the Hispanic immigrant. Yeah, doesn’t make a lot of sense.


He only won around half the vote with a very tight margin. He should be reaching out to the other half too.


What I find interesting is that a white male Democrat in Texas got his ass kicked.

By Ted Cruz.


In Texas ?
You find that surprising.
I’m shocked a Democrat got 48% of the vote.


That’s his problem right there, reach-arounds aren’t a thing in Texas.


Explain I don’t get it.
Is that because their too fat they cant reach around to clean their ass ?
Mystified here.


Still think Tester should have lost. At least what’s her face in North Dakota went down.

Price you pay for voting with Democrats in a red state.

eta: Heidi Heitkamp. Poor judgment.


I get it now.


I don’t know, looks like Trump likes it more than a little.

I believe every Senator who voted against Kavanaugh was hunted down by Trump and lost re-election in 2018, save for Tester. Should send a message.


From a pure politicking viewpoint, it was genius of Trump to choose the day after the mid-terms to unhire Jeff Sessions and replace him with the next in line.

No hesitation, he acted only when Democrats would be slap-happy over winning the House (squirrel), very, very shrewd.

Two of the things I like best about President Trump:

  1. Born fighter.
  2. Shrewd as hell.

Makes him very, very dangerous politically.


Born fighter – you can thank Roy Cohn for that. Toughest SOB on the planet and a lawyer u definitely wanted on your side! Too bad he did not live to see Trump in the WH.



Cohn, yes, but you can also thank the Manhattan tabloid wars in the 1980s. The Trump family took a daily beating in Manhattan’s low-brow press for more than twenty years. By the time he pulled up stakes for Hollywood and television, Trump was very tough, very shrewd, very skilled with elbows in the clinch.