2018 US Mid-term Elections!


Cohn was certainly tough on homosexuals. Along with McCarthy.


Yep, and ironically Cohn died of AIDS (he was gay). Overall, though, he was just very tough on any of his legal opponents. Famously belligerent, famously ruthless (by American standards). An early mentor of DJ Trump, who was his client.


I thought he had liver cancer? Surely fake news?


As were the Yankees, the Catholic Church, various mobsters, etc.


Complications from AIDS.

Cohn was also close to Roger Stone, who is currently starring in the Mueller investigation because (as you probably know) Stone helped Trump with his campaign.


OK, I’ll stop playing silly buggers.

Trump was mentored by a guy who was a closet homosexual in denial right up to his death. Cohn was an instigator of the Lavender Scare where accusations of homosexuality were used to take down political opponents. And he’s someone to be applauded?


You’ve gone off the rails, I’m afraid. Where did you read that Cohn is someone to be applauded?


ChewDawg seems to rate him.


His bete noire, RFK (who he served with for McCarthy), did a lot worse (and is still loved by Libs for it). Not applauded but certainly feared. And his belief that all publicity is good. When you watch Trump at the press conference after the midterms – that combative style is pure Cohn.


Somebody did something worse?


Where did I say he should be applauded? Feared certainly. And I do admire his street fighting tendencies and his ability to point out the hypocrisies of the liberal establishment (e.g., their worship of his fellow McCarthy colleague RFK, his wiretapping, civil liberties violations, etc.).


Whoop. Stereotypes. Remember, truth is no defense.


No, you never posted applauded. But you do admire the man. Pointing out hypocrisies, LOL.


I think Trump makes the US safer and stronger because of his shrewdness and toughness. He acquired those two character attributes in no small part due to a self-hating, secretive, mean, closeted bully/lawyer, Roy Cohn.

The key here - and this should be obvious - is that Trump /= Cohn.

That Trump obviously loves himself and that he is only slightly secretive, generous, cisgender, and only hires lawyers makes it easy for me to conclude that, as far as I know Trump internalized Cohn’s toughness and (and at least part of his shrewdness) at a sliver of the price Cohn paid for it.


A self-hating, secretive, mean, bully. I suppose if that’s the guy you want in charge then that’s what you’ve got.


Yeah, I’m checking out. You can only lead a horse to water, and my work here is finished.


Oh, don’t be a killjoy. This is fun.


That’s not rape. Rape would at least express an interest.

I love that name, Acosta. Reminds me of:



Which makes perfect sense to me. For people that have been involved in politics or business, you want your lawyers to be tough as nails. Politicians, on the other hand, want to be liked first and foremost. It is often why they become politicians or public figures in the first place. So I absolutely agree that he has adopted some but not all characteristics.