2018 US Mid-term Elections!


Yeah it’s about 90% Republican posts . I just post for sport to take the piss out of all the fake news and their patriotism for their strong man leader, president Putin.

Although President Putin wasn’t born in the US they have grown to love him over time.

Basically it’s a jerk circle of propaganda.


I just did. Not going to get into a long back and forth, but no you didn’t accurately represent me.

Being defense, I think you are projecting mate, I brought up people throwing themselves at Tuckers door so hard they cracked it. Instead of just saying “thats pretty bad” you went off on some whataboutism, I dunno, do you think he is such a bad person he deserved to have a mob gather on his lawn?


As someone who posted that sided with left leaning politics until maybe last year. I honestly felt more support from the posters here, and even the people on the right seemed to not go for the jugular and seemed more calm and logical. I feel like left leaning posters have been less polite and quick to become outrage. The right it more likely to be snark.


That’s your cognitive bias. Look it up. There are almost no left leaning posters here.

But I am coming around to loving mother Russia like you all.


Seems like thats what youre doing. Lot of them, I was one and it didn’t seem pretty even here. I think some left leaning posters just don’t post in politics much.


I would say all that “racist, racist, racist” talk counts as bashing.


Where are the left leaning posters then ?

They don’t even bother because it’s a right wing vodka loving circle jerk.


Whatever man.

Xenophobia , racism, ratcheting up the hate and fear of poor foreigners…Take your pick.

Same thing different names.

That last ad that Trump wanted to run but couldn’t…What was that ?


Fear mongering, not that the Democrats would ever engage in such a thing seeing white supremacy and Nazi’s everywhere.


It’s probably hard to keep posting nonsense.

The one above posted, Trump hasn’t condemn the neonazis

We post how trump has

She replies: to little to late…



No, you’re right, it’s a terrible thing and Tucker’s wife shouldn’t have to go through that. That should go without saying, really. They don’t need my thoughts and prayers.

I never commented on the incident itself, I only mentioned that I thought Brian’s post was playing on similar posts when the reverse occurs. From his reaction later on, I could be wrong.

That was all Trump, I didn’t blame the right or republicans for the ad. He was Donald Trump and he endorsed that message.


And again, there’s nothing racist about highlighting the problems caused by rampant illegal immigration, which both parties are responsible for.


It is what it is…

Major television networks and Facebook have taken the unusual step of rejecting an inflammatory ad by President Trump’s political team that effectively closes a fiercely fought midterm campaign with a message portraying immigrants as a violent threat.

The 30-second political spot, which mirrors the president’s apocalyptic warnings about a caravan of asylum seekers in Mexico, was widely denounced as racist and misleading after Mr. Trump shared a longer version of it last week.

NBC and Facebook, both of which had run the ad over the weekend, reversed course after a backlash on Monday and announced that the commercial would be removed, saying it fell short of their in-house advertising standards. CNN had refused to air the ad from the start, calling it “racist.”

Even Fox News, which has made warnings about the migrant caravan a staple of its prime time coverage of the midterms, felt compelled to distance itself from the ad. The network’s president of ad sales, Marianne Gambelli, said in a statement that the network had stopped airing it on Sunday. “It will not appear on either Fox News Channel or Fox Business Network,” she wrote.


I don’t even see the issue with even if the forum has more trump supporters, what are you going to do? People support who they support and this is a discussion forum.


Voice my concern. That’s what I’m doing. Like you said, it’s a discussion forum.

The point isn’t even that there are more Trump supporters. That by itself isn’t really cause for outrage, though the trolling and memes are pretty dumb.


In other words, NBC and Facebook were fine with the ad until the Democrat racist smear machine went into full drive and made the ad no longer acceptable. This is how the game is played…cynical but effective.


That again is your cognitive bias.
The ad sounds really terrible …pure xenophobia.


Where is the trolling, you can flag it. A couple mods are left leaning for sure.


Not here they’re not. Most posters won’t even bother looking into this section.


Which is your cognitive bias. There’s nothing xenophobic about being against illegal immigration.