2018 US Mid-term Elections!


There is when you make out one guy who killed somebody is somehow representing all illegal immigrants. That’s xenophobic …Or racist…Take your pick.
Ratcheting up the hate and fear. It’s an old racist/fascist play book.


I think it’s a legitimate concern.

The first thing a illegal immigrant does entering the country is what? commit a crime.

We are able to process them to see who is this person coming it. I think it’s a problem.


Silliness. Racism is every day in the US. You can’t hang racism on President Trump nor on the GOP.

For example, it’s played every day by the Democrat party. Their target is almost exclusively white Americans, but it’s racism no matter how you cut it.


I actually didn’t like the ad, as it was a little heavy on the fearmongering, and deceptive in blaming the Democrats alone for illegal immigration, but calling it racist is nothing more than a political attack.


Where I come from we call that trolling.

Nice. At least you admit it, kudos for that.


What else can I do…It’s a repub and Trump circle jerk. Anything you don’t agree with you say is wrong. Or ‘the Democrats do the same’, which makes no sense to me in terms of a logical argument , nor do I support any party in the US.

So I enjoy the sport for what it is. Easy targets :laughing:


This is good, though.

And are you saying that all Democrats are capable of is trolling?


I’m not a Democrat.

Get it in your rather thick horse skull for one last time.

There’s a bigger world out there.


So you’re saying that, for those who disagree with Trump, the best they can do is to troll Americans?


I can throw a few grenades into circle jerks posting fake news to each other and getting all riled up about it.




Interesting. So now it’s bomb throwing you can do as well.

Not surprising, but I suspect most who disagree with Trump have higher standards.


Well, you could try sticking to actual arguments instead of all the cheap potshots and ad hominems for a start.


You guys throw out a lot of rubbish called FAKE NEWS.

I think it’s fair and square to show it up for what it is.

Cheap potshots.

Trump is one cheap potshot. That’s what he’s all about.


For those on the left, any news they don’t agree with is fake news, and any fake news that supports their narrative is “brave journalism.” Of course, both sides play this game.


But that’s not what you’re doing. You are simply trolling. Like, aggressively trolling.

How do you see your trolling advancing understanding about the 2018 US Mid-term Elections?


Funny you can dish it out but have a very thin skin.

No I am pushing my case forward with verified links which show a lot of what you are posting is misleading and wrong.

The flag burning and Soros stuff is just ridiculous beyond belief.

Sometimes I’ll throw in some Putin references but it is on record that Trump is a great admirer of Putin and trusts him implicitly!


You mean like all that fake news about Russian collusion and the silly Putin memes? Give me a break…


I’ve seen zero “verified” links outside pics designed to troll.


Oh boy you want me to dig up all the verified love that Trump has for Putin.
And his statements whereby he doesn’t believe his own intelligence services.

Because if you don’t believe me I can do that for you ?


Dig up even one.

And don’t forget, your standard is “verified” love Trump has for Putin.