2018 US Mid-term Elections!


Sad how Putin is pulling the strings and you go along with it. :slight_smile:


Really starting to lose the plot here…


Ah, so now you have proof.

Where is it?


Trump has dismissed Mueller’s investigation as a “witch-hunt” and never condemned Putin over election interference despite the findings of US intelligence agencies. This week he said he would bring up the issue when the two meet. “He may deny it,” Trump told reporters in Brussels. “I mean, it’s one of those things. So all I can do is say, ‘Did you?’ and ‘Don’t do it again.’”

It’s pathetic.


Hmmm, still no proof.

I am beginning to suspect you have none. Do you need more time? (second time I’ve asked!)


100% opinion, 0% proof.

Just saying.


You’ve been manipulated to back the Ruskies pick for Prez it’s okay. It’s hard to accept that fact, I know, even when your own intelligence agencies tell you this.


This sounds like a paranoid conspiracy theory. Where is the “verification” you promised us?


OMG, you’ve just laid out the formula used by the MSM these days. :grin:


What do you think Putin is 'Strong and Powerful ’ means lol.


It does not mean “verified,” my friend.

I’m about to call you a liar.


Yeah, Brian, get your news from more reputable sources!


Call me a liar . I will call you thick skulled horse face all day.

Thin skin


So you admit that you lied? You have no “verified” proof of Trump’s love for Putin?




I know he thinks Putin is Strong and Powerful…

And he believes everything he says.

It’s definitely love if you think about it.


He complimented Pelosi for the house victory, is he pelosi 's puppet now? Jesus…


Ok, so you walk back your comments in a backhanded way since you evidently lack the personal character to admit that you are wrong.

Guess it’ll have to do.


You should take a break after linking to racist websites earlier. Made yourself look very foolish.


I’m sure the opinion of an admitted troll is paramount with @IbisWTF.