2018 US Mid-term Elections!


I think this has actually been an instructive exercise. It’s shown the clear connection between the garbage that passes as news these days and the political opinions (regarding U.S. politics anyway) of people like @Brianjones.


Enjoy the flag burning and don’t forget to shout out Soros! when your toast lands jam side down.


I’m no racist.

Racists link to racist websites and call it news.


You typed “IrisWtf”…



It also shows strong evidence of the roots of the mob that Democrats have become.

Just poor character.


I don’t know how that happened. I changed it as soon as I saw it.


I’ve found that, these days, the ones shouting Racist! the loudest are usually the racists.


A very strong pattern in today’s US Democrats, for sure.


You guys gang up on Brianjones for his thoughts on Trump. Totally clear evidence of a Democratic mob!


I’m not the one posting links to racist websites called NewObserver online.

Ask IbisWTF why he’s doing that.


All Brian has to do is admit that he lied, and all is forgiven.


All IbisWTF has to do is tell us why he is posting links to a racist website called NewObserver online?


I’m on the phone and while trying to quote that message i might have reported it, haha. if you get banned for hate speech it’s on me, I’ll get you a beer in that case.


Yeah its a typical day here.


Alright, I guess I’ll stick around and see how that goes.


I’m off to enjoy my weekend. Stay classy with your subscriptions to NewObserver…


Might want to bring a lunch. I do not have much faith in Brian, not after the troll stuff.


Nice smear. Says a lot more about you than it does about @IbisWtf.


Bollocks, I’m not the one posting racist links up.

In this case you can ask Mod Tempogain what is the truth …


Right, character assassination is more your style.