2018 US Mid-term Elections!


Can I butt in here and ask what’s NewObserver? Google didn’t help.


So what kind of people post links to racist websites and call it news ?

Google new observer online.

Maybe Google doesn’t find it because it’s racist hogwash.


This sounds like a personal attack on @IbisWTF.

Can you verify, @Brianjones?


Just saw their twitter. I have got to admit, that’s so over the top it has to be a troll.


I don’t know either. Someone on twitter shared the story of a bank in SA whose founders or bosses bribed some government people and run away with the money of the whole bank. It sounded like the plot of a movie, so I made a quick google search to see if the news was true and found many links reporting it.
I posted one and apparently it’s like the KKK 2018 or something? No idea, but the story is interesting. i posted it in the “why people leave SA” thread. I’ll not edit it because a) I have no idea what that website is and didn’t even bother to look it up (i just cared about the news being true) and b) i have a spine and don’t usually edit my messages, unless I notice a typo or want to change the grammar.


That’s why I wouldn’t live in DC back in the states, nor Cali.

In Texas, mob gathering outside chanting threats, and then coming up to my property uninvited. That’s reason enough for me to shoot them in self defense on my property. I believe any reasonable court can see that it’s justified with the laws of Texas as defending against credibile harm to my family.


Yeah you go man …Keep up the good work !


And keep up the racist smears…well done!


I’m not the one posting racist links.


IME Texans know better than to break the front door of a family home. It’s a far more polite society because breaking down a door in that way is very likely to get you shot dead. The odds are good that no charges would be filed, either. Get the bodies to the morgue, bury 'em, and move on with life.

If Democrats continue to respond to perceived slights this way, it will result in more and worse violence. Clearly these bozos stepped over the line at Carlson’s house. There is no room in polite society for breaking down a family man’s front door.


I’m not Texan and don’t live in Texas so I’ll never know the feeling of shooting low lifers who enter my property



Maybe so, but honestly you sound like a dinosaur under the skin of which is a river of racism and hatred. For some reason you have chosen to isolate @IbisWTF for special scorn, just like a racist in the US would find a person whose first language is not English and heap abuse on them.

This is a pattern you’ve established in the past few weeks regarding Ibis. You’re probably overdue for a little me time.


Is anyone following this story? I saw their twitter was promptly banned but obviously the police are being involved. Other than screaming about Democrats, are there any updates?

People are really shitty. On twitter in particular. The whole “I don’t really care, do u” is stupid.

But this goes beyond protesting, it feels like it could reach the levels of terroristic threats.


You don’t like it suck it up man.

I picked it out because racism was a topic on here.

You are all okay bashing on this and that but a thin skin when called up on stuff. This is relevant to the racism debate AND fake news.


Maybe you should start your own ad hominem thread. Then you could post this kind of stuff to your heart’s content.


You remind me of the old guy on the corner who went out of his way to heap abuse on the first-gen Italians who lived across the street. He had to have somebody to hate to make him feel better about his lot.

His behavior was disgusting. You may be due for some soul searching yourself.


You remind me of somebody who thinks they can get the mob to turn on the one individual who doesn’t agree with em.

Doesn’t work.

Suck it up !

I’ll be waiting for more of your fake news posts and Soros rubbish.


I think that if they wanted to protest in a civil way, doing so outside of fox or something would have been the “sensible” choice. (maybe not chanting threats of course, but some of the standard litanies from antitrumpers would have been ok).

But entering his property and threatening his family should be charged in a serious way, not jut:“Eh, they’re kids, let them be”.

And as the articles points out, giving your opponents a “play the victim” card for free is sooo dumb…


No, I have some trolling skills. Unlike you I have chosen to follow the forum rules and not employ them.

If this site is opened up to overt trolling then I guess everybody’s gloves come off. Is that what you want?


Oh woe is me.

Please go back to listing relevant ‘news’ and I will rip it to shreds as per usual. :slight_smile: