2018 US Mid-term Elections!


lol. Uh, you haven’t even done that once.


Ah, so you’ve met my granddad. When the Vietnamese moved in, he didn’t know what to do.

For real. Some numb nuts hits a dude with a bike lock and people don’t shut up about it for over a year. I didn’t do it… As far as you know.



“You just probably didn’t do it”…


I think every American knows a guy like that. Maybe it’s an Irish thing.


You want to try an ethnic slur go for it.

But put your name behind it.


Not an ethnic slur. Just pointing out that you are very reminiscent of a certain American kind of racist.


Come on try the Irish angle you are itching to I see.

But put your name behind it.


I think I’ll have certain luck with the idiot angle.


This is so exotic to me. Where I grew up, all the racial slurs were against white people. :disappointed_relieved:


It’s funny, my granddad was like @gaboman’s granddad. His target was black Americans, and even to a six-year old it was pathetic.


How am I reminiscent of a racist ?

Exactly how?

I state a fact that another member has posted a link to a racist website but then you call me a racist.

That is SOME convoluted logic I will give you that.


What am I, google? Your fingers work. Go back and take a look.

It’s an American experience, this watching a racist bait someone who’s first language is not English for sad reasons.


I’m asking you how am I racist or reminiscent of a racist?

Pull your finger out of your ass and explain since this is what you claim.


I just did. Use your google skills.


So you are making accusations just because you can make accusations …With nothing to back it up.




You said I’m reminiscent of racists in America.

Explain how


For the last time, I did. Use google to find your own damn mirror.


Nah take yer finger out of yer ass and stop making unfounded accusations.