2018 US Mid-term Elections!


The thing is, Hillary isn’t running. She can try to be relevant all she wants with her talking tours, but electorally speaking she’s done. I don’t think she could be elected dog-catcher. But the right still wants to make it about her, because she’s an easy target.

This will be a referendum on whether Trump needs checks and balances in Congress (spoiler: he does), and a reflection of how Americans view the GOP majority in Congress (spoiler: herpes has a higher approval rating). People like Conor Lamb and Doug Jones will come in on the blue wave in November… not has-beens like Hillary.


Of course, but every time she makes an appearance, she reminds people of everything they hate about the Democrats (and there’s a lot to hate).

Congress as a whole has dismal approval ratings (as well it should), and we could just as easily compare Democratic congress critters to syphilis. :sunglasses:


I hate them all. The 4chan dwelling, conservative alt-right and the Tumblr dwelling, leftist SJWs are both fucking intolerable for reasons that aren’t even that different. But I hate Republicans more right now. Anyway, I’m glad I’m in Taiwan, so I don’t have to be immersed in this bullshit too much. It seems exhausting.


As Trump says, there are good people on both sides. :wink:

I would never go so far as to hate someone for their political views, although some of those unhinged SJWs make a good argument for doing so. Generally, people are so much more than their politics, which is a good thing to remember in these divided times.


Love trumps hate.


Ah, the rainbows and unicorns are working on Rollo!



And Republicans lower than that?



I still think the GOP will lose their majority in the House, mainly because holding their majority would fly in the face of history (also doesn’t hurt that mainstream press sites like CNN, WaPo, and the NYT are doing their best to promote a Democrat victory; there has been almost no impartiality by Democrat big hitters since Trump took office).

I also think that a Democrat House only (that is, provided the Senate stays Republican) means the Democrats will give it all back, and more, in 2020 - but that’s a different thread.

Opinion pieces like this one are still fun to read, though.

Don’t look now, but it’s all happening again. Nate Silver says Democrats have a greater than 80 percent chance of winning the House. The Cook Political Report says Democrats will win the House by 40 seats. All the experts say it’s over: Democrats will win. I’ll go out on a limb and disagree again.

I see Andrew Gillum, Florida’s Democratic candidate for governor, holding a rally with Bernie Sanders, and the place is empty. Barack Obama could not fill a high school gym in Milwaukee. I saw Joe Biden and Obama at separate events here in Las Vegas playing to small crowds. Meanwhile, I was opening speaker for President Trump’s event in September at the Las Vegas Convention Center — with thousands waiting in line for hours.

Does that sound like the GOP is losing 40 seats? Dream on, delusional Democrats.


I honestly hope the Democrats lose big in the Midterms. Not out of spite or anything, but because they didn’t learn anything from the 2016 election, and have only doubled down on the poisonous ideas that lost that one for them. Until they ditch the racism and identity politics and return to being the party of working class Americans, they don’t deserve to be elected dogcatcher.


First, Trump is the whisper candidate, as in people will whisper “I like what Trump is doing”, but won’t tell pollsters that. Why should Trump supporters do so, they have nothing to gain. The left psychotically hates Trump. The right likes to hold their cards tight to their chest. Sort of like their hidden secret.

Second, do you see 1000s upon 1000s of people being turned away at Obama, Hillary, and even Bernie rallies lately. You can easily get within breathing distance of them.
Yet, it’s a daily occurrence for Trump rallies to have crowds outside the building, etc. who couldn’t get tickets.
Never seen this before in my life.
Oh well, two days left now anyway. Shall be interesting.
Only 2 times since 1789 has a sitting president’s party kept control during midterm elections.


Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. Their identity politics is killing the nation from the inside out. It does far, far more harm to the US than anything Trump has done.

Meanwhile the Democrats openly make insanely racist comments about whites, yet recent polls show that 40% of black American support Trump. Amazing.


More than that, I’ve read more than a few of Trump supporters advocating telling the pollsters the exact opposite of what they will be doing. We will see, in a couple of days.


It reminds me of those psycho boyfriends in Taiwan. “If I can’t have you, I’ll destroy you.”


I think we need to find a new vocabulary for some of what we are seeing. For example “feminist” used to be a term I would gladly associate with myself . promoting equal rights, encouraging empowerment of women, more inclusive, less obstacles.

This 3rd wave feminism is pure attrition, driven by hatred of men. You would have to be a male masochist to be on board with whats happening now.


We already have a term for that: “feminazi.” :wink:


I know, but I find using the Nazi label childish. Maybe modern feminist ideology.

The funny thing, a lot of the ideas in and of themselves are not without merit. White privilege for example. The person who thought up the term, Peggy McIntosh (sp?), originally did so as part of a reflective thought experiment, which was meant to be personal to her, and her surroundings. It was encouraged everyone could reflect on themselves to better understand the difficulties other people have, but no two people were ever expected to have the same results. Used in that way, I can see the sense of the exercise.

Instead it’s used as a cudgel to beat anyone who is white over the head with “you have white privilege, if you don’t admit it you have white fragility which is even worse”. Identity politics seems to be taking a side and building your arsenal of pejorative terms about other identities and everyone lashing out at the same time. Not the ideal path to people coming together and thinking how best to solve societies problems in a fair and equitable manner.


I suppose 3rd-wave feminism will do, also some 3rd-wavers are sex-positive, so it’s not clear cut.


Only 2 times since 1789 has a sitting president’s party kept control during midterm elections.

That’s a weird claim. GOP in 2002 kept control, Dems in 1978 kept control, Dems in 1962 and 66 under JFK and LBJ kept control, Dems kept complete control under FDR and Truman apart from in 1946 when the GOP won 2 years’ control, and GOP kept control under Coolidge and Hoover’s midterms.


was quoting another writer on some political website. can’t find article now. likely meant “not lost seats in the House” (implying the chance of retaining control). thanks for clarifying.

Article today says over the last 150 years only 4 times has an incumbent president seen his party gain seats, which conversely means the opposition nearly always gain seats. Dems need to take 24 seats away from Repubs to get the House.