2018 US Mid-term Elections!


Results are looking much better for the Dems now with these late results.



Same for Arizona, lol


That’s not on CNN, must fall into

Else: “far right wing conspiracy theory”


Do you guys actually like Ted Cruz? Political affiliations aside I think he’s about as appealing as a vat of curdled milk. Definitely not the kind of Republican I imagine representing Texas.


No, I’ve never liked him that much. Even less after the 2016 election. I met him when he was just the solicitor general for Texas. Didn’t leave much of an impression as a man, and found him a bit lame.


Like him? Eh. Yeah not much I guess.

I do respect him and his thinking skills, though. I’ve also found that his passion for the USA and especially for his telling of his American experience (I know, corny) inspire me. Color me weak.


He has a great legal mind. But like I said, as a person…wouldn’t want to hang out with him.


that’s exactly what’s going on, if you question what’s going on in Florida or AZ you’re a far right conspiracy theorist who hates women. Plenty of boxes from areas that polled +1 or +2% for the Gop showed up extremely late and with +12% Sinema.

In Maricopa county the Gop governor won by 350k votes, yet sinema “won” the senate by 32k. Sounds legit.

The other way around, the autistic “RUSSIAAAAH” screeching would be unbearable.


Can’t stand the guy.


I like some of his policy positions and his attitude toward the constitution, but the guy gives off a very creepy vibe.


Completely unrelated:

Does any news ever come out of Broward County that isn’t an embarrassment to the nation?


It’s Florida. The Twilight Zone of the US. The Arkansas of the East coast. It’s color, and it’s been colorful since before the nation’s mafioso wintered there a hundred years ago.

Abrams: her whole campaign was about how unfair and ungracious the no-class Republican leadership has been in Georgia. So she has more than two weeks to prepare a gracious and classy response, win or lose. Her response to losing? A lack of grace and class. She’s human, sure, but it doesn’t mean she should lead. Georgia clearly chose a better person to be governor, and Abrams promptly confirmed it.


Is there something that happened for her to say the election was tainted? Or she’s just refusing to accept he was democratically elected?


A little background.

The governor-elect refused to resign from office during the campaign (Secretary of State, where he is responsible under Georgia law for election integrity). She accuses him of abusing his office (based on emails forwarded to the state of Georgia, on November 4 his office launched an investigation into attempts by the Democrat party to hack Georgia’s electoral infrastructure; the investigation was closed prior to election day with a finding that no wrongdoing had occurred).

Abrams would have been the first black female governor in US history, something her supporters brought up often during the campaign. So from the get-go race was central to the race and the national Democrat party brought all its identity-politics heavy weaponry to the fray. The election therefore predictably exposed old fault lines stamped on Georgia and all Southern states by Reconstruction and the Civil Rights Act. Abrams accused Kemp of voter suppression; Kemp warned against voter fraud.

At any rate, Kemp was gracious in winning and that bodes well for Georgia.

Kemp, in a statement issued Friday by spokesman Ryan Mahoney, praised Abrams’s “passion, hard work, and commitment to public service.”

“The election is over and hard-working Georgians are ready to move forward. We can no longer dwell on the divisive politics of the past but must focus on Georgia’s bright and promising future,” Kemp’s statement said.

But even in conceding, Abrams shot back with claims of dirty dealings.

“But to watch an elected official who claims to represent the people in this state baldly pin his hopes for election on the suppression of the people’s democratic right to vote has been truly appalling,” she said Friday.

Part of Abrams’s poor sportsmanship may be due to the fact that she owes more than US$50,000 in back taxes, holds more than US$170,000 in credit-card and student-loan debt, and supports various non-working family members. Entirely possible that without a government salary she feels enormous financial pressure.


idk…maybe one of the ladies on Real Housewives of Atlanta could’ve made a better go of it


Just dropped by to see how the echo chamber is going…Bye again. :speaking_head:
It’s funny how you admit you can’t stand Ted Cruz when it comes from your own crew. It’s a safe space.


Looks like in order to know the opinions of this brave & stunning new representative we just had to wait until after the election.


Pretty typical of Democrats. It’s why Pelosi felt no shame saying that Congress had to pass ACA in 2009 in order to understand the scope of the changes made to health care law in the US. Omar may be an anti-Semite who supports the annihilation of Israel, but she’s a pretty mainstream Democrat in that she feels no responsibility to her constituents to be honest with them prior to election.

Omar’s 180 is one reason why so many people don’t believe Democrats when they profess they’re not for open borders, that they’re not for the confiscation of legally owned firearms, and that they do not support the replacement of capitalism with socialism.


hey, bojack, not to take you to task on any of those and waking up from my sleepy kind of watch the IP thing, have you had a few drinks tonight?


Sober as a judge, your honor.