2018 US Mid-term Elections!


Well, I have had a few, I will be honest.

This side by side attrition doesnt work. I will tell you, the far left, lets call them the authoritarian left. Don’t have support from the Libertarian left.

There is no hope to power or governance without the consent of the libertarian left, which they will never get.



All I’m trying to say is that I’m not surprised Minnesota’s newest Congresswoman only acknowledges her support of the BDS movement after she was elected to office. I don’t think BDS has support of what you call the libertarian left, and (using your model) her support could be deemed insignificant among Democrats as a whole. Still doesn’t stop me from clucking my tongue when I encounter Democrats who profess, vehemently, that the party would never, ever open up US borders.

I realize Omar is an outlier in the Democrat party regarding Israel, but in my experience she is not an outlier when it comes to being honest about where Democrats will draw the line.

Have fun.


People will soon forget this ever happened unless we make a point of reminding them.


Politicized investigations: only bad when they do it.

No use squawking. What’s needed is tit for tat. They investigate you, you investigate them back. Let God sort `em out.