2018 US Mid-term Elections!


When trying to not be racist becomes racist. Hopefully the Harvard case will swing some votes away from the dems.


Come on people…results coming in…let’s have some banter.

Fox News just projected the House has gone Democrat.

Networks have called Texas for Cruz.


No blue wave so far. The “We hate bigots like Donald Trump” strategy still doesn’t seem to be working. I’m sure they’ll continue with it in 2020.


Looks like a blue wave in the House. The Dems will likely have a net gain of 35 to 45 seats. They need only a net gain of 23.


Must be Soros and his caravan. Wasn’t the whole point with the caravan to get them in to the country prior to the election and vote for Dem’s?


The House will reduce Trump’s ability to do stuff, but the Senate picks judges.


That didn’t last long.


Historically the incumbent loses on average 30 seats in the House and 4 seats in the Senate. So far it’s looking like a better than expected result for Trump. The Dems will need to reflect on that.


Yeah, not seeing a blue wave here. The Republicans appear to be gaining Senate seats and losing less House seats than expected. Nothing like the red wave that hit Obama so far.


Troll of the Week Award right there :smiley:


Obviously, there’s still a way to go. However, I’m beginning to get the feeling that the Dems have reached the point where anything that isn’t a total disaster is a massive victory.

The problem they have is will they kid themselves that this result is good enough to continue with their strategy of knocking Trump and men they think are like Trump?


The Rep gained seats in the Senate, holy crap.


I sure hope not. Having a non-batshit opposition party would be much healthier for the country.


The current political strategy of the dems is #resist, whatever Trump says just say no. They aren’t offering anything concrete to the voters and will alienate more and more independent/undecided people.

The house moving to a constantly obstructive party will make it so easy for the Gop to blame any shortcomings to the house. The 2020 presidential campaign could be a long copy/paste of all the stuff the dems will try to obstruct from here on and it would probably work well. The same strategy couldn’t be followed with a Republican house majority because it’s harder to explain why you didn’t get funding for this or that without pointing fingers at your own party.

The Gop gains seats in the senate, so when Justice Goblina is gone they get another scotus pick.

Early polls were showing the dems winning by like 6 gorillion seats in the house, while it’s much closer than that anyway.


The funding is no problem for the orange one, he will just ask Mexico to pay for it



Yeah man Soros ran out of money and handed out ice pops instead.


Two native American women voted into Congress for first time ever, impressive. Also two Muslim women elected to Congress . Also first black female governor, that was a shock to learn there has never been a black female governor! For a diverse nation this is a surprise to me.

Anyway the key takeaway message is.


That’s why the blowhards haven’t been posting here , hehe. Women make up half the nation. Can’t get their support…fuggedaboutit. The orange gobshite calls it a tremendous success and thanks everybody lol!


You lost. :joy:
Women don’t like him.
Even his wife doesn’t like him!


Gains in the Senate and a small loss in the House? This is a good result for Trump. Obama got hammered in the Midterms.