2018 US Mid-term Elections!


Losing control of the house after 8 years is a good result ? Can’t get bills passed ? Budgets passed ?

I’ve heard it all now…:grin:


You just don’t know much about American politics, and that’s OK.



How is losing control of the House a win ?


Get a sense of humour and get over the loss. .
What a bunch of sore losers !!!

You can all hack and spit at people all year that are different than you on here but can’t take a ribbing.

Led by the orange gobshite ‘tremendous victory’ :rofl:.



I had to look it up because i didn’t remember it, holy crap, he lost 63 seats in the house and 6 in the senate on his first midterms. From wiki: “The party of the incumbent president tends to lose ground during midterm elections: over the past 21 midterm elections, the President’s party has lost an average 30 seats in the House, and an average four seats in the Senate”.


Again, gaining Senate seats and losing a small number of House seats is a good Midterm result for a sitting president. The blue wave never materialized like the red wave did for Obama in 2010.

There’s nothing to get over. This was a pretty predicable result.



It was all thanks to this guy.

Hey wasn’t there supposed to be an INVASION right about now ?

Aren’t you guys worried at all?

You’re so blinkered and partisan you can’t even congratulate the first native American women in your history becoming Congresswomen?



Doesn’t read like he truly cares about his own faith and its country very much.


Lots of Jews aren’t Zionists.


Rashida gets elected to Congress, and her mother drapes a Palestinian flag over her. Yeah, she’s a real patriot all right. :wink:


#brave & #stunning.

Current forecast seems to be dems around 225, rest to the Gop.


I’m sure Mr. “Death to America” Farrakhan is tickled pink.


well, to be fair he also said “death to Israel”, he likes to be inclusive.

Waifu Tulsi with close to 80% votes <3


Ah, my favorite Democrat.


You should post a pic of the lesbian native American congresswoman .
Afraid to get scalped ?:grin:

Still astonished that they are the first two ever. if I was them I would immediately organize a vote to secede and establish a free state :laughing:.


Oh, and here’s a tweet from our other new Muslim Congresswoman. I’m sure Farrakhan will love her too.


#alsostunning and #alsobrave

a neat graphic about the trend over the years.

The real question is: how high is Cocaine Mitch right now at the thought of extra senate seats? Will he ever recover?


That lesbian native American is also the FIRST ever native American elected to Congress in Kansas.

Go Land of the Free!

Sad sacks hate their own native people can’t even congratulate them. I will do it for you.


Not sure what you’re harping about here. I’ve never seen anyone make negative comments about American Indians on this forum. Indians (from both parties) have been serving in Congress and state legislatures for many years. Is it that fact that she’s a lesbian that’s getting you so excited?


Female native Americans have never served in Congress before. Nor has one ever served in Kansas. Given the history there that’s a big deal.


Instead you completely ignore it and instead go for hate and an easy target instead.



Absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.