2018 US Mid-term Elections!


Muslim this and that…


The fact that they both seem to be anti-Israel is worthy of note, considering Israel is one of our closest allies.


I’m pretty supportive of Israel. I understand why they are strong on defense and they are surrounded by people that want to basically exterminate them. But I do sometimes feel like they’re not really trying to find peace with their neighbors, but I guess their neighbors aren’t exactly doing that either.


They represent the local district voters choice.
The UK is an ally of the US and there have been many Irish American and Catholic congressmen who supported Ireland over the UK going back probaby hundreds of years.

So this whole ballarmy about being ‘against out ally’ is hogwash.


Charles Carroll, Senator from Maryland (b. 1737 – d. 1832)

Charles Carroll of Carrollton, as he called himself, was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and a member of the prominent Carroll family of Annapolis, Maryland. His grandfather, Charles, settled in Maryland after leaving King’s County, Ireland to escape persecution by the English, only to face similar persecution in America for his Catholicism. As a Roman Catholic, Carroll was prohibited from participating in politics, practicing law, and voting, but despite this he would eventually be appointed as a delegate of the Continental Congress in 1776 and was one of four delegates from Maryland to sign the Declaration of Independence.


Yes. Apparently, the local district voters are for annihilating Israel.


Are you questioning the loyalty of the founding fathers of the United States of America?


No. I didn’t say anything about loyalty.


You are implying it.

It was very easy to pick apart your whole line of argument. Learn your own history.


Looks like they grabbed em by the balls.


It’s an increase from 19% to an estimated 23%. Of course, it’s still great news.

They were powered mostly by a female-led resistance movement forged in opposition to the election of Donald Trump

Is that correct? Do they know the demographics of the voters?


Another example.

After the war, Meagher was appointed Secretary of the new Territory of Montana; soon after arriving there, he was designated [Acting Governor]


Irish immigrated to the U.S. in the past and got involved in politics, therefore it’s good that two Muslim anti-Semites have just been elected to Congress? Sorry, I’m just not following your argument.


My point is very clear. Democracy allows a diversity of views. Voters get to make their own choice. The Constitution guarantees freedom of religion. Being friends of a US ally nation is not necessarily top of the agenda for voters and never has been!


They gained seats in the Senate, including possibly Montana (glad to see Tester go). Considering it is a midterm 20 to 30 seat Dem majority in the House is not a disaster. And what about those big Senate races such as Florida? Arizona? Texas? All look Repub.

I will say this though. Beto made Texas a two party state again in this race. I think if he is a 2020 POTUS candidate, he will be tough.


Not being “friends of an ally” and wanting to wipe Israel off the face of the earth aren’t quite the same thing. Is this the kind of thing you support?


Nah, it’s just that historically women tend to vote D more than R, no female led resistance to speak of.


I certainly don’t support that. But I’m spitballing that they didn’t win primarily because of their views on Israel. My point I guess is that’s a great strength designed into the American constitution from the start, it allows a diversity of views and religious expression that may not align with the majority or the government executive branch.


That simply wasn’t a bad night for Trump. He’s 6/4 to win in 2020, which might be worth a punt. The thing that worries me is possible impeachment now the Democrats have the House.


Everybody panic:


Sarah Hoyt is upset that since bad things will almost surely happen for the next two years, therefore America is screwed. Do the facts support the conclusion?

House Republicans didn’t win because they didn’t earn victory. They would have lost far worse, only the Dems didn’t earn victory either. Now it’s up to the Dems to prove that #resistance is something other than #obstruction, because no one is letting them get away with anything.

If the Annoying Orange has any coattails, the #NeverTrump crowd was ill positioned to grab a ride on them.