2018 US Mid-term Elections!


From the article.

The dems get two years to hide whatever inky stuff has been going one with the FBI/CIA. After another two years that swamp might be permanent.

Why would oversight be shut down just because the Democrats won the House. The Republicans still have the Senate majority, can’t they just carry on from there?





GOP lost its House majority, but gained Senate seats. Impeaching Trump will go nowhere, although Pelosi will face a shit ton of pressure from the dingbat wing to impeach. Democrats won’t win that battle.

All in all a tremendous victory for the GOP and Trump. That the Democrats achieved only a low-level of damage after their media wing openly accused POTUS of being a racist (amplified daily) and likely a traitor is nothing short of stunning.

Biggest loser just may be the lamestream media. Nice to see Tester go down after his Kavanaugh vote. I like the guy but he never should have chosen the Democrat mob over the good of the country.

Blue wave was more like a spilt can of grape soda.


Joy Behar, Constitutional scholar…


Cracks me up. You can tell in the video that Dowd’s mansplaining went whoosh over her head.


He has retaken the lead…still thousands of ballots uncounted.


Not much to crow about.

If they’d been better, they’d have done better. That’s my basis of comparison.


All I can say is it’s gonna be another extremely interesting two years. Saw his press conference today. Funny, bombastic, etc. He hasn’t changed, and won’t either. Dems need to find a new gameplan. Hear that speeding whooshhh sound? That’s all those judges getting passed by the Senate more smoothly.


I’m a bit let down as well. I wasn’t expecting butthurt levels on par with 2016 (nothing ever will), but I was hoping to enjoy more schadenfreude.

The only good salt mine is Texas, even with Cruz being not very popular and the dems spending 70+ millions to boost betaboy they still lost, and on social media there’s some salt to be enjoyed.


Let’s see. They got the 2 Muslim anti-Semitic women in the House, one of whom is accused of marrying her brother, as well as the youngest-ever vibrant Venezuelan-like socialist AOC.

But, not a peep from other Democratic women in Congress about the first Korean-American woman being elected to the House.

ohhh… She’s a Republican. Guess they only like women to advance on their side of playing field.


that’s were part of those 70millions went! Gotta pay for the fuel to drive people there!







why are many people comparing the cnn guy barred from the white house to literal fascism ?

I thought it was the first step towards winning a couple of noble prizes.


Idk why America doesn’t have affirmative action in the parliament. Even Taiwan does.


They had a president elected by affirmative action, I think that should be good enough for a while.


That wasn’t a reporter. It was just a activist heckler (Jennicet Gutiérrez) and was during a speech at a White House dinner, not at a press conference. Literally his house at the time.

Trump wants to avoid having to answer for his overt racist and fear mongering tactics before the mid-terms. Only way to do that is to bar people who ask questions he doesn’t like (and call them the enemy of the people).


The extra question cnn guy was trying to ask was about the "mah russia " nonsense, I doubt he was worried about being racist towards Russians.


Because America isn’t a fascist state yet?