2018 US Mid-term Elections!


It was being questioned about the migrant caravan and his racist ad that set Trump off.



no, but it’s on its way:look at how that entitled white male pushes that young woman away like an object, without even looking at her. This basically rape on live tv, folks.


And he answered that, so?


No, he didn’t. “A difference of opinion” isn’t an answer.


There was nothing racist about that ad at all.


Except the overt racism throughout it.


Fake News!

By the way it’s NOBEL.

As in Alfred Nobel.


The guy in the commercial is an illegal immigrant cop killer, which has nothing to do with his race…unless you think it does? The progressives seem to see race everywhere they look. It’s almost as if they were…racist or something.


Conflating that with the caravan is the problem, which had everything to do with their race.


Again, nothing to do with race. A horde of illegal immigrants is headed toward the U.S. border. What does their race have to do with it? Nothing.


Yes it is, it’s just not an answer you like.

I mean, you chimed in just to mention the racist caravan invasion stuff and that trump didn’t want to answer a question about it.
You then proceeded to link a video that showed he answered that question and that the skipped one was about russia.

What am I supposed to say ? Gg well played?


Yeah, you are promoting FAKE NEWS.

And you can’t spell for shit. :joy:

The same with that INVASION and FLAG BURNING rubbish I slapped down hard before.
It takes about two mins to discredit this crap. As soon as I called it out, y’all shuddup about it.


So is Ilham Omar supporting Palestine?

She hasn’t really cleared up her stance. She just thinks some aspects of Israeli policy is bad and want to help change them but still support Israel. Or turn our backs from Israel.

Her ambiguity feels like she’s hiding her real thoughts.


Oh this is an alternative facts thing. Got it.

It was a non answer at best and he was shutting Acosta down before he heard jack about Russia. If I had to guess, Acosta threw that in as a “fuck you” because he wasn’t going to be able to get anything resembling reality from Trump.

I said that’s what set him off. The point about whether or not he answered the question came later. But again, he was already going into his tantrum before Russia came up.

I really don’t give a crap at this point, we’re all just NPCs to you and your like, I’m sure.


What’s wrong with her supporting Palestine?
If she is of Palestinian descent, do you expect her to support what they see as an occupying force?

Lols all round today.


Yes, this we can agree on. The media narrative is all about alternative facts. Why report honestly when you can use a racist smear instead?


Okay, step back for a second then.

Do you at least see how the ad could be… for lack of a better word “problematic”?


Yes, in the sense that it provided fodder for the sleazy, racist media.


Wow, okay. Then we’re never going to see eye to eye. Carry on then.


Xenophobic would have more accurately described how the Left leaning media and people who were critical of his over use of fear mongering about the caravan and illegal immigrants. Let’s not pretend the use of the word “racist” is not done for maximum political damage and is disingenuous at the least when applied in this instance.