2018 US Mid-term Elections!


I’m asking if she does support Palestine and want to turn away from Israel. I don’t think she ever cleared up what she really wants.


Who cares. She didn’t get elected to be the Secretary of State.
You are acting like those Chinese who always push Taiwanese about their political views just to back them into a corner.


I would say it’s important to know her stance on a very important issue that is US-Israeli relation.


Why? You think that, her voters obviously are happy enough that she is pro-Palestinian.
The whole question is stupid. She’s standing for congress, local politician.
I’m guessing that US-Israel relations are probably point no.353 on voters bucket lists of concerns regarding their choice for congress.


But she’s not from Palestine.




You said she is Palestinian.


Read again boyo.




Read it again.


You’re saying she is Palestinian.




How about you clear it up instead of being all moody

She’s not of Palestinian descent

Defaqs your problem right now. All defensive with your panties in a bunch.


He originally wrote “You think that, her voters obviously are happy enough that she is she is Palestinian and pro-Palestinian”. When you pointed out she’s not from Palestine he had to google who he was talking about and found out the mistake, so edited the message of you first quote. That’s the cause of the confusion.


Nah you got called out again and don’t like it.
Exactly like the flag rubbish you were waffling on about, spreading fake news.

This is just like the Chinese.

What’s your view on Taiwan ?

The answer to that: piss off, that’s not what I’m being elected for !


What are you talking about. If I’m posting and vocal about Taiwan. It’s perfectly fair game to ask what I’m saying.

It is what’s she’s elected for as you said. You said her supporters voted for her because she’s pro Palestine.


You can find it earlier that I said she was of Palestinian descent.

Andrew even quoted it lol.


Why don’t you go to China then and listen to same kind of bullshit questioning even when it is irrelevant to the job or take at hand.

See how you enjoy that.


But she’s not. She is of samolian descent from samolia.


No I didnt.

I said it was a fair bet that it was number 352 for most voters concerns. Now in her constituency it might or might not be higher on their concerns.
She’s simply reflecting voter choice. It’s called democracy.

You don’t get that obviously.