2019 Index of Economic Freedom (Asia Pacific)



Usual suspects Hong Kong and Singapore topping the list in Asia Pacific and globally.

Taiwan is ranked 5th in Asia Pacific and 10th globally. Of the 12 “freedom” scores, Taiwan received rather low scores for Financial Freedom, Investment Freedom and Labor Freedom.


Taiwanese vote themselves up.


No doubt the Taiwan gov officials are pretty resourceful in boosting rankings; but i think this index can be considered fairly objective and ‘independent’ of influence, although i expected the judicial effectiveness score to be much higher.


I was being sarcastic.


Somehow i feel taiwan is more free and secure than hong kong. Lots of strange rules here no doubt but certianly taiwan deserves a high rank in comparison to others. I have many issues with taiwan system, mostly competance. But in the end we pay like 1.8% tax with a company and somewhat low personal income tax. And consumers in taiwan are fairly free spending and easy to manage. Taiwans economic failures seem to me to be with government recently trying to control certain aspects , like heat treatment, and dropping the ball essentially crashing some export markets for now. Otherwise when the gov doesnt try to involve itself so much taiwan is quite free and easy to make lots of money.


I think Taiwan has a big sentiment problem, consumers corporates, foreign markets and foreign investors they all think underestimate Taiwan for some reason. I meet Taiwanese who think of Taiwan as a relatively poor country all the time.