2020 Cycling Goals

100% sure I’d lose any uphill distance under 6km :laughing:

I overdid it, basically. Commuted via bike for two years whilst competitive rowing (averaged 13 hours cardio per week by the end of it). One of the ladies in the club fluttered their eyelashes at me and convinced me to spend a sunday rowing a half marathon distance with them. I never felt the same after that.

Basically had aching muscles and felt tired which never got better until i fainted in the toilet a week or so later at work. Doctors couldn’t find anything, then i had a stomach ache for about two years, at which point i decided to try to get back on the bike. Then my appendix went. It was fun lol

Doctors eventually were 50/50 on it being a stomach ulcer or a nervous breakdown.

All fine now though, I think? :cowboy_hat_face:


Sounds like sometimes too much of something is never good. Glad you’re doing better and can get back on the bike!

I have officially accomplished…the only accomplishable goal that I set for myself yesterday. Last year I was at 8070.1km for the year and I am at 8190km as of yesterday. I have about 60km to finish in the next two days, so I will surpass my initial goal by just a little.

As for traveling somewhere outside of Taiwan to cycle, that was clearly unattainable after March, so…we will have to skip that one this year.


Not to pump your tires too much but, “Ranlee is going 100k+, uphill, the least I can do is 50k on flat” was my mantra this year. Keep doing your thing.


Thanks mang.

Personally, I prefer to climb. There’s just something about the suffering and how it really gets my mind off of the everything.

Ok, let’s be honest, I climb, so I can enjoy the free mileage while descending.

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Ok, so I ended up with one goal for 2020…


Such an evenly split up 500…unlike mine.

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Just sneaking that Yilan 200+ In there hoping no one will notice!

Did you rides the coast twice, or a loop 9 and coast?

Either way, good job! I’m getting too old for that shit now. Well, to be honest, totally out of practice. Longest is now about 100-120 with only a few of these Okinawa hills thrown in. Nothing over 400 m

Looked somethign like this

I looped over from Fulong and then down to Yilan. First time I did that road and in terms of road conditions, much nicer than going north to Keelung from Fulong, but the views going north to Fulong are so much nicer.

Is Okinawa worth the trip purely for a cycling holiday from the UK? Or maybe add that to my Kagoshima to Hokkaido dream?

Or can I just move to Okinawa and get a job there please thanks

Maybe as a sole destination, it would wear out over a week. But you would need a guide: road signage is abysmal to non-existant. The right kind of goat tracks are everywhere, but knowing how to connect them takes experience.

that said, the weather is also a beast (as for Taiwan in summer, although maybe not as hot. certainly as or more humid!).
best seasons are May-June after the rain, and October -November after the typhoons and heat.

the best roads are all small farming and logging roads in the northern area, north of Nago, often sketchy surface and leaf strewn, but leading to great roller coaster rides or spanning vistas along ridge rides or even the north east coast: 100 km of constant 10 percent up and then down with minimal traffic.

and the cars tend to be observant and respectful, which is a pleasant change after Taiwan or Australia


Also highly recommend the western half of Shikoku, the south west of Hokkaido, and the steep mountainous center of Wakayama in the spring and summer. definitely not in winter: this was my view for 3 hours today touring Wakayama:


well, not all bad:



Awesome. I definitely need to get my fitness up once I’m allowed out. Road cycling is a bit miserable in the UK though due to the traffic, lack of scenery, weather, road quality… targeting a cycling trip one of these days. Eyes on the prize!

Highly recommend adding this road to your repertoire!

phone reception is a bit crap out there so download an offline map to your phone before you go!

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I keep wanting to do this. I know it’s a doozy going up from Shuang Xi area, but the views are pretty amazing.

It’s amazing how remote you get. And you’re not that far from a major city in a densely populated tiny country. Expect monkeys and dogs

Is that bei num 1? If so, that’s a “nice” climb. I’ve done it plenty of times… On motorcycle, and yes, it has som6 remoteness to it.

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