2020 May Predictions

This year is the wildest one I’ve lived thru. Each month brings some new WTF moment.

So in that spirit, who can predict what May will be like?

  • Predict professional sports will resume to empty stations but fan have to pay hefty fees to see most of the games.

  • Argentina will collapse.

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-National Guard will be brought out to deal with the zombies
-Tensions with China escalate into military conflict, as Trump’s ratings sink the ratcheting up war talk with China increases.
-US economic collapse leads to food shortages, civil unrest
-Voter Suppression efforts/‘protests’ become violent

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I can´t play, can I? :innocent:


May flowers (as in “April showers bring…”)


I’ve been telling my cousin over and over that those who get this disease are going to turn into zombies.

She tells me to stop smoking so much.

But I swear…


Since no money is on the table be my guest. :joy::joy::joy:

Wacky tabacky? :thinking:

I predict Tedros getting booted out of the WHO (OK, not likely, but a guy can dream)…


Wacky [quote=“Dr_Milker, post:7, topic:191048, full:true”]

Wacky tabacky? :thinking:

I predict Tedros getting booted out of the WHO (OK, not likely, but a guy can dream)…

Wacky what??? :wink:

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You do not know about the calendar I published? Well then:

  1. Volcanoes
  2. Quakes
  3. US invades Venezuela
  4. NK invades SK
  5. China and US clash over 3 and 4 so we have WWIII
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  1. Major earthquake in Taiwan (to make up for the lack of Rona victims)
  2. China to continue being a c*nt.
  • Riots will start all over the world due to economic hardships.
  • More mutations of corona virus will be found. Some mutations will become deadly for healthy people of all ages.

(you asked for WTF predictions)

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I predict that in May, the Earth will complete approximately 8.333% of a rotation around the sun.

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This thread is quickly becoming a bummer… :frowning:

  1. Aww nature is easy guess :joy::joy:
  2. See ^^
  3. Yep. Yep. Yep.
  4. I figured the other way.
  5. Bingo. Orange man keeps talking shit.

Think those mutations have already begun.


I’m teasing …


Is that a prediction?

More like a no-brainer… :sunglasses:

Git! :joy:

Another prediction

  • Gyms in the US will post record enrollment by May 31.