2020 Taiwan Election: the results thread

They’re out on the piss on Friday nights. I’m with you on that one , pisses me off too

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There’s a 萬 behind them.

Same deal in the states.

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Where’s Tsai’s HQ? I’m supposed to go get some shots.

What I’m heartened by is that we are all unified in thinking Han sucks here. When it comes to broader political views, some of us hate Trump, some of us like Trump. Some of us hate Brexit, some support it. But NO ONE on this forum seems to support Han. Correct me if I’m wrong on this one.


Whew! Eat sheit, KMT.

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56% to 39% these numbers are pretty steady.

Kaohsiung - Tsai 576k, Han 65k LOL

Must be an error… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUPPkSANpyo

Virtually all the updates from my friends on social media are about voting, and based on the results, it looks like they really turned it out.

It’s so ugly to hate the youth for being young.


Han is losing good riddance but I’m still nervous about the combined PFP and KMT. How many more hours of this , I’ll burst an ulcer if much longer.


I hope Tsai is winning and that’s the reason why all these Uber drivers are absolute shite at picking me up.


You really have to try and pick fights about everything. :roll_eyes:

Youth vote turnout is traditionally low in elections and the initial anecdotal evidence was that was the case this morning. I will be happier than anyone if that turns out to be wrong.

Let’s wait until Han loses before we all fight again :+1:


Surely someone here likes Korean fish?

Only the Chinese trolls who do flyby threads here sometimes.



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Shandao Temple Station.

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Yeah, around the Artists Village it looks like

Come on

Walk north. About two hundred metres. Cant miss it