2020 Taiwan Election: the results thread

That’s where the Sunflower movement was located

I thought the sunflower movement was in front of the Legislative Yuan, Taida Hospital

I’ll be in Red House later. Fancy my chances tonight. :banana:

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How’re the numbers looking? The website won’t even load.

one million just hit by Tsai, 300,000 votes ahead

Han’s getting wrecked down south.

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For me, chickens will not be counted until a lot later, as electorates around the world have recently tended to plump for the most loathsome populist candidate available. Hopefully this time enough of the electorate in my country of residence have bucked that trend.

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As of right this second Tsai has broken 100, Han’s sitting at 70, and Soong’s got 8.


I was talking pictures of that protest it was kind of around the back of the Sheraton as the cops blocked it off, that was the day it got nasty, but yeah before that you’re right by the presidential palace

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Yeah losing Kaohsiung…shocker


Thanks muchly! Traffic sucks!!

Wait, what?!
A: “Stupid young people not voting.”
B: “How about not being hostile to young people, especially when they DO seem to be voting?”
A: “Why do you always have to be so hostile?!”

Or at least that’s how it reads to me.


Tsai will address the press at 8.30.

I know a former Han supporter down here in Ktown who hates him now, because he basically has done a sum total of 30 minutes of Mayoral duty here. He’s not voting for anyone now. He’s turned off a lot of his old supporters.


Those numbers are very steady. See no reason they’ll change now.

Anyone have a source for how the legislative yuan is looking?

Completely orange.

This morning my prediction to my wife was Tsai 55 - Fish 35 - rest to the random dude

Results so far:

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where is @Brianjones