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New to Reddit are you? Hundreds of sub forums with posters saying all things unkind, unpleasant things. Some forums are rightly banned, Reddit used to hold out on banning even the most obnoxious ones.

Limiting free speech is a new phenomena, self censor from Fox news, or Breitbart or any right leaning journalist. Try to de-platform right wingers on Twitter or de-monetize them. Bring in Antifa to stage riots if a right wing speaker turns up to a university. Lol, I remember when Trump was holding rallies and Antifa types would turn up and start violence, of course in the warped mindset of the MSM Antifa turning up to Trump rallies and causing violence was Trumps fault.

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If you guys really do want to get rid of me once and for all, a move to reddit would do it. I cant use it for 5 min.

We actually support free speech here, unlike Reddit.

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If you find Reddit hard to navigate forget the chans, besides talk there makes talk on Reddit look like an upper class tea party by comparison.

I looked at 4 chan for like 40 seconds and realized id have a seizure if i continued.

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Playing shocked and sheltered again?

We’ve got a whole thread for inflammatory rhetoric here. And another for actual violence by left wing extremists. Did you notice?

No i just avoid stupid online publications when possible.

Enough of your shocked and dismayed act. I’m calling bullshit.

I dont even know what you are talking about tbh. I am not being facetious.

Those sites are filled with people going out of their way to offend people. Why would you be surprised if someone is offended by the content?

If its not a direct answer dont reply please. Enough with the pithy sayings. If you continue with them i am only going to reply with truisms from the modern artist Jenny Holzer circa 1989

I think she just admitted that she leaked the story about Bernie.

I wouldn’t be surprised, it seems standard practice for that political party.


Struggling to get past hearing Pinnochiohontas express surprise that Americans in the hundreds of millions might be unaware that she is in fact a liar. When the delusion is that strong in a candidate it might be best if she recedes to the back of the room until she absorbs some simple truths. That said …

Go Pocahontas, go !!! :grinning:

Who exactly? Antifa? This is why you get accused of being partisan and conspiratorial. There is a left wing conspiracy to shut down free speech.

Have free speech all you want. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any social consequences to what you say. And don’t expect private enterprises to have to give everyone a voice. Some voices just aren’t worth the liability.

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Wait are you seriously gloating about a candidate being a liar? Have you looked in the mirror?

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She accused an old white men of calling her a liar. With her totally legitimate status of native American and her lack of a penis, there will be thousands of people willing to defend her.

Ps: autocorrect change the term “liar” to “lost”. Is autocorrect a precog?

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It’s just a trend, safe spaces, increasing lists of what can and can’t be said, controlling the narrative. It’s why the House wouldn’t let Republicans bring witnesses or ask questions they didn’t like.

You see it coming from the trans community who will quickly band together an army of SJW should a woman have an opinion that differs from theirs. You see it in the form of “cultural appropriation”, silly discussions about who can cook what kind of foods.

There are hundreds of examples, if you don’t see it, fine. Dosen’t mean it isn’t there and isn’t a trend.

Milker brought this up originally, always seems to be a lot of hilarious, convenient confusion about free speech. I call it convenient because I don’t think anyone could be this poorly misinformed.

  1. Not being able to tell the difference between private refusal of service and public suppression of free speech. Reddit, twitter, forumosa, call all tell you to take a hike if they think you even walk funny, just like Pizza Hut can tell you to get out if you start licking the sneeze guard at the salad bar.

  2. In the case of the_donald, no free speech is even being suppressed because the sub isn’t banned, it’s quarantined. The sub still exists.

  3. Bringing up free speech in the case of that sub in terms of pro-donald contributors being discriminated against is the funniest thing I’ve ever read. I could go on there and literally post quotes from Orange Man himself and get banned if the mods don’t like how Orange Man’s own words are reflecting on their suspension of reality.

So, yeah.

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the_donald in a nutshell, thanks. :rofl:

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Durn. Checkm8te. Well, pretty sure she’ll be encouraged anyway.

Go Pocahontas, go !!! :star_struck:

What we are seeing is the ascension of an authoritarian left. Maybe you don’t like to think you are associated with a wing of a party that has authoritarian leanings, doesn’t change reality Im afraid.

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